Life in Sales After COVID-19

Life in covid

It’s no secret: COVID-19 has accelerated trends and changed life for everyone both personally and professionally.

If anything is clear, it’s that remote sales is here to stay. Sales teams have been more productive while operating remotely, and buyer preferences have changed along with the new way of selling.

This e-book digs into a variety of surveys, studies and reports to explore and answer questions such as:

  • Have sales teams generally had success operating remotely during the pandemic?
  • What do sales leaders plan to do post-pandemic?
  • What challenges have teams overcome operating remotely?
  • What challenges do sales teams have ahead of them, and how can these challenges be tackled?
  • What has changed forever, and what implications do these forever changes have for companies and sales leaders?

To learn more about what new challenges the pandemic poses for sales leaders and how to build a smarter and more agile sales team to help overcome them, download your free copy of Life in Sales After COVID-19 today.


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