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Unlock your sales team's potential to drive revenue through conversation intelligence.

See 100% ROI within 6 Months.

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screenshot of Jiminny platform
screenshot of Jiminny platform
Discover Jiminny

Drive revenue through conversation intelligence

Conversation intelligence (CI) is software that automatically records and transcribes all your customer conversations. With Jiminny, your team can fine-tune their technique and perfect their pitches, backed by rich customer knowledge and clever coaching tools.

Use CI to tailor your sales approach and maximize success. Win business faster. Nurture closer, more profitable relationships. Pinpoint how and why you win or lose deals.


Jiminny works great for other other teams too!


Everything teams need to succeed, all in one platform


Integrate with the tools you use

Get setup in minutes and start recording and analyzing straight away

Coaching tools for all teams

Maximize your team's potential with intuitive, built-in coaching features

Deal insights and forecasting

See the reality of your deals and pipeline in real-time, on one screen

Teams using Jiminny see

higher win rates
increase in AOV
of admin time saved per rep each month
faster rep ramp-time

What you won't find anywhere else...

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Jiminny Academy

Dedicated training and support for Reps, Managers, Execs and other teams

Free insights seats

Give your whole business access to the power of CI - for free!

48+ languages

No matter where your team is, we've got you covered by transcribing in 48+ languages

Automated call scoring

Instantly spot good vs. bad calls, and know where to coach in seconds

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Why customers love Jiminny

Luke O'Connor
Sales Manager
"It's an absolute game-changer - it's given us an understanding of what our team's doing that we've never had before."
Amanda (Rowell) Kavthekar
Head of Commercialization, Commercial Portfolio
"The support has been fantastic - I almost forget that Bekkie is a Jiminny employee, not an Informa employee!"
Francesca Rock
RevOps Manager
"Everyone using Jiminny absolutely loves it and is astounded by how much we've been able to get out of it"

Alexander Irschenberger
VP of Strategy
"Feedback culture and asking for criticism in a constructive way is really strong within the team now"

Jeshua Zapata
Revenue Growth Partner
"Jiminny really has superior technology and everyone that we worked with was extremely helpful"