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Unlock your sales team’s potential using conversation intelligence to record, transcribe and analyze your customer conversations.

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screenshot of Jiminny platform
screenshot of Jiminny platform
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With Jiminny, your team can fine-tune their technique and perfect their pitches, backed by rich customer knowledge and clever coaching tools. Use conversation intelligence to tailor your sales approach and maximize success. Win business faster. Nurture closer, more profitable relationships. Pinpoint how and why you win or lose deals.

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What is conversation intelligence?

Conversation intelligence (CI) is software that records and transcribes all engagements with customers and prospective customers. It automatically analyses these transcripts with artificial intelligence (AI) to identify patterns, trends and actionable insights, providing context for crucial moments in key customer interactions and assessing the probable outcomes of those engagements at scale.



Teams using Jiminny see

higher win rates
increase in revenue
of admin time saved per rep each month
faster rep ramp-time

Why customers love Jiminny

Francesca Rock
RevOps Manager
"Everyone using Jiminny absolutely loves it and is astounded by how much we've been able to get out of it"

Jeshua Zapata
Revenue Growth Partner
"Jiminny really has superior technology and everyone that we worked with was extremely helpful"
Alexander Irschenberger
VP of Strategy
"Feedback culture and asking for criticism in a constructive way is really strong within the team now"

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Take the next step toward quicker ramp-up time, happy and high performing teams, enhanced deal and pipeline visibility and ultimately more revenue for your business.

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