Helping teams be their best selves

Creating high performing revenue teams is tough, but it really doesn’t have to be. That’s why we’re here.

Why Jiminny exists

We started building Jiminny in 2016 with three founders, a ton of ideas and the drive to make a real difference to sales teams.

Our platform was created not only because sales leadership is tough, but because we believe it doesn’t have to be. ‍By failing to meet the evolving needs of modern revenue teams, companies lose good salespeople, managers lack the time or tools to coach, and teams miss out on data that's essential for understanding their prospects and customers.

If you want to create a high performance team, we believe that the right environment comes first. A workplace that not only attracts, supports and retains top talent, but also nourishes, develops and empowers individuals to fulfil their potential. That’s where Jiminny comes in. We built our platform to provide teams with the data, visibility and insights they need to win more deals, coach at scale and crush targets - all whilst creating a happy and high-performing environment.

If there’s two things we’re most passionate about, it’s our product and people. That’s why so many businesses around the world are using Jiminny's Conversation Intelligence platform to help their teams to be the best they can be.

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Our values

At Jiminny, we’re doers - it’s why our values all start with ‘be’. They guide us on our mission to help everyone become the best version of themselves.
be open

Be open

To learning, to change and to others.
be curious

Be curious

Seek answers, solutions and opportunities to grow.
be inventive

Be inventive

We want you to evolve and create.
be kind

Be kind

Be honest, empathetic and respectful.
be brave

Be brave

Seek adventure and take risks.
be determined

Be determined

We focus, work hard and win.
be a hero

Be a hero

To customers and teammates.
Our founders Tom, James and Shelley start building a conversation intelligence platform with one simple mission in mind: to help sales teams thrive
They name the platform Jiminny, after Jiminy Cricket - Pinocchio’s conscience, there to guide and support him on his adventures
sales rep
Jiminny Beta is released and we onboard our first users
We hire our first employees and raise $2M seed funding
We reach 1,000 users and 5 million calls recorded. Hooray!
Jiminny grows to 23 employees to take us to the next step in our journey
Deal Insights Beta is released and rolled out to hundreds of customers
Jiminny raises $16.5M in series A funding!

Let's build something special

We’ve had an amazing journey so far, but we’re only just getting started! We’re always on the look out for more doers, so why not check out our open roles?

Our hubs

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