How Scoro use Jiminny's insights to shorten their sales cycles


Scoro helps organizations optimize their time and money through their end-to-end work management solution. Unlike other solutions, Scoro’s work management software doesn’t just show you what your team is spending their time on – it also shows you what that time is worth.


Greater visibility

of what customers are asking for, helping the team pinpoint areas for product development

Higher close rates

as well as shorter sales cycles, thanks to an improved understanding where they can train salespeople

Why Scoro loves Jiminny


"As a sales leader, having visibility and access to what my team are doing is invaluable and has fundamentally changed not only how successful we are, but how we plan and prepare for the future."

Andrew Pringle
VP of Sales

The Challenge

For Andrew Pringle, VP of Sales at Scoro, the name of the game was productivity. Pre-pandemic, in-person coaching and joining face-to-face meetings was straightforward enough, but since seeing a huge shift to virtual meetings, Andrew wasn’t getting the insights he needed to understand how to help his team become better sellers, and where he should invest his time and energy to best support them.


“What are our customers and prospects talking about? What’s front-of-mind for them?” These were the questions that Andrew needed answers to in order to identify opportunities for product enablement, and improve market and competition training. Ultimately, Scoro needed a better high-level understanding of where they could help teams be more successful.

The Outcome

Starting with call listening and coaching, Andrew is now able to leverage call insights proactively to understand how well his team presents the company, what keywords and language are used and how Scoro should best be presented to the market - all thanks to Jiminny’s detailed dashboards, analytics and reporting. “We use Jiminny less now for call listening, and more for the data that it’s creating to help us be a more efficient and effective sales team”


On top of that, thanks to Jiminny’s live coaching feature, sales leaders at Scoro can now seamlessly switch from providing discreet support, to joining calls to support reps in the moment for situations where they’ve watched the opportunity grow and the scope of the deal become clearer.


The result? Andrew’s team are seeing huge leaps in their professional development: ”they’re using the language we’ve given to them, the percentage of open questions has improved and their patience is improving because they’re listening more.” Since switching to Jiminny from a competitor, Scoro has also seen considerably better close ratios and much shorter sales cycles.