Why a Downturn is a Good Time to Invest in Coaching for Your Sales Team

Even if layoffs aren’t in the plans, it’s unlikely a business will add new salespeople in a recession, so leaders need to squeeze every little bit of talent from their existing team. That means helping the team to improve conversion rates, workflow and productivity. Coaching is an economical and savvy way to help do just that.
6 mins

7 Ways Artificial Intelligence in Jiminny is Helping Sales Teams

Artificial intelligence is helping to drive revenue and cost savings across a wide swath of companies and industries, according to the latest State of AI report by McKinsey & Co. The report is based on a global survey that found sales and marketing are among the most popular AI use cases.
5 mins

The 3 Types of Sales Coaching: Self, Peer and Leader-Led

The word coach is defined as giving “instruction or advice to in the capacity of a coach.” Interestingly, its roots are traced back to the other meaning of coach – the horse-drawn carriage variety. Wikipedia aptly sums up coaching’s origin like this:

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