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Conversation intelligence platform

Unlock the full potential of your revenue-generating team with Jiminny’s conversation intelligence platform. Nurture a winning performance culture effortlessly. Highlight successes and share that knowledge across your business to improve future performance.

If you’re a leader in sales, customer success or any other revenue generating team, Jiminny is built for you.

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What a conversation intelligence platform does for your teams

Fast-track your team's development

Jiminny’s collaborative Playlists get your new starters fully up to speed in a third of the usual onboarding time.

Harmonize teams business-wide

Jiminny unifies business functions through seamless and effortless sharing of the customer’s voice.

Gain end-to-end pipeline visibility

Dive into the detail of every voice, email, SMS and video touchpoint and get notified in real-time of deal risk alerts.

Boost motivation and retention

Jiminny features a rich selection of coaching tools designed to grow your reps’ skills, self-confidence and motivation.

Automate logging activity to your CRM

Our Sidekick Chrome extension automatically logs all meetings and tasks to your connected CRM


Fast-track your teams

Every new rep develops differently. And it takes time and resources to nurture and ramp each one to deliver their full potential.

Jiminny’s Playlists get your new starters up to speed in a third of the usual onboarding time. Use conversation playlists compiled by your more experienced sales talent to educate reps. Empower your top performers to save conversation snippets or full calls, quickly build playlists and share with their teammates.


Harmonize teams business-wide

If your teams are out of sync, expect your customer experience to suffer.

Jiminny’s conversation intelligence platform unifies business functions through seamless and effortless sharing of the customer’s voice. Use Snippets to capture key and shareable moments of calls, and easily send them via email, links or MS Teams and Slack. Use our AI-generated call summaries to condense entire call transcripts into a succinct bullet-point list of key conversation points. Drive collaboration with shared information and smoother handovers across the business.


Gain end-to-end pipeline visibility

You can’t convert what you can’t see.

Jiminny’s Deal Insights puts you in full control with a clear, centralized, end-to-end view of your pipeline. Segment by account, team, rep and opportunity status. Deep-dive into the detail of every voice, email, SMS and video touchpoint. Get real-time deal risk alerts that are automatically triggered. Get a snapshot view of engagement levels for quick and accurate forecasting.


Boost motivation and retention

Our coaching tools increase retention by growing your reps’ skills, self-confidence and motivation. Use Coaching Frameworks to author playbooks tailored by team, CRM activity and conversation. Refine technique on the go with our Live Coaching feature that adds real-time chat and scores to live conversations. Perfect your reps’ performance with Coaching Focus by pinpointing game-changing conversation takeaways.


Automate logging activity to your CRM

Meet Jiminny’s Sidekick, your personal sales assistant. Our Sidekick Chrome extension automatically logs all meetings and tasks to your connected CRM, making your database an accurate and up-to-date source of truth for measuring prospect and customer engagement. From Sidekick, you can take time-stamped notes, instigate live coaching sessions, update CRM-specific data such as contact stage, and more.

  • Sends call summaries and meeting outcomes to your CRM
  • Automatically locates and updates existing CRM contacts or creates a new one
  • Saves your sales reps hours in admin time every week

What can Jiminny do for your team?

Jiminny transforms performance across Sales teams, Customer Success teams and more.


Jiminny works great across the business, too!

Integrate with the tools you love

Jiminny works in harmony with your existing tech stack to accelerate performance across your business.

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How teams thrive with Jiminny


"Jiminny played a huge role of providing the entire sales team the possibility to listen back to our customer voices"

Ilija | Marketing and Sales Operations


"The support has been fantastic - I almost forget that Bekkie is a Jiminny employee, not an Informa employee!"

Amanda | Head of Commercialization, Commercial Portfolio

fault fixers

"As a lead, I'm super happy that my team are taking on that responsibility to coach themselves"

Jack | Chief Revenue Officer, FaultFixers

Best-in-class security for all

At Jiminny, we’re serious about keeping your data safe, and our platform is built with security at its core. From virtual private cloud storage to industry-best encryption, we take every precaution to safeguard your conversations and insights.

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