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Revenue generation
just got exciting.

With Jiminny’s conversation intelligence.

Every customer conversation is valuable, impacting the success of your business and the revenue you can deliver. Jiminny records and analyzes each customer interaction to generate actionable insights on what is and is not happening. 

Our AI empowers you to move the needle and smash targets across the business.



How Jiminny works

Video, voice, calendar, and email data is captured, autologged to your CRM and enriched with your records.

Jiminny’s AI gets to work -  transcribing, summarizing and analyzing. It then generates your insights, highlighting keywords and topics, and creates action items, instant coaching feedback, and more.

Jiminny’s insight dashboards provide further value -  showing pipeline risks, deal visibility, rep performance, and trending topics. 

With insights and analytics valuable to every team across your business,
it’s an essential, not an extra. 

Features that'll make you do a happy dance


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Automated Call Scoring

Imagine a world where you can define exactly what a good call looks like and automatically track every single customer interaction.

Automated Call Scoring gives every call a star rating based on your playbook, so reps can see how they are performing and where to improve.

Ask Jiminny

Using AI, Ask Jiminny automates the admin and delivers intel after every call.

Get to know concerns and blockers, customer engagement, risk in the deal and receive coaching feedback straight away. Even your call notes and follow-up emails are taken care of..

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Deal Insights

Get an overview of deal risks and activity, or deep dive to find fixes with a clear and actionable dashboard.

Deal risks, activity and engagement levels and deal stage info are at your fingertips. It’s time to get all your deals moving in the right direction.

CRM logging

We all want a seamless experience. Jiminny pushes all the insights from your customer interactions directly to your CRM - data hygiene issues are a thing of the past.

Fuel your business objectives with deeper context and intelligence all in one place.

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Integrate with the tools you love

Jiminny works in harmony with your existing tech stack to accelerate performance across your business.

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Microsoft Teams

Security - Not sexy, but essential.

At Jiminny, we’re serious about keeping your data safe, and our platform is built with security at its core. From virtual private cloud storage to industry-best encryption, we take every precaution to safeguard your conversations and insights.

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