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The best value
Gong alternative

If you're drowning in bells and whistles, your old CI tool has Gong to waste.

No one likes to feel like they're wasting money on products and features they're not using. Jiminny gives you everything you need in conversation intelligence, and nothing that you don’t.

So you only pay for what you need.


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Why winners choose Jiminny

Jiminny is the best value alternative to Gong for conversation intelligence.

Winners choose Jiminny for impactful conversation intelligence capabilities at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to gain critical insights from customer interactions without breaking the bank. That's why Jiminny is loved by hundreds of revenue teams across 29+ countries around the world.

  • Estimated time to 100% ROI
  • Average user adoption
  • Time to go live
  • 6.0 months

    6.0 months

  • 85% adoption

    85% adoption

  • 0.56 months

    0.56 months

  • 11.4 months

    11.4 months

  • 79% adoption

    79% adoption

  • 1.03 months

    1.03 months

Jiminny's conversation intelligence platform


Losing deals sucks.

And your revenue team deserves to reach their full potential, doing what they do best. 


Scale high performance

Replicate skills with Jiminny's coaching frameworks, call feedback and knowledge sharing across your team.

Gain the visibility you need 

See your deals in the detail that matters, so you can move the needle and shorten your sales cycle.

Track what's happening

See competitor mentions, pain points, market trends and more, so your team can nail it every single time.
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Conversation intelligence for revenue teams of all sizes

  • - Flexible & agile
    New Jiminny features created regularly based on user feedback and need.
  • - Transparent pricing
    Jiminny is the best alternative to Gong, with no hidden fees and true value in every feature.
  • - Your success matters
    Our CS team fit seamlessly into your business, empowering you to reach your revenue goals with Jiminny.

What's the difference between Gong and Jiminny?

Let's talk price.

Jiminny is priced per user, with free seats for non-recording users, so they can benefit from the critical insights in the Jiminny platform. You can hear more about why users love Jiminny in our G2 reviews.

Gong prices start from a price per user. Then they add the premium zip code. Plus the add ons you didn’t want. And everything but the kitchen sink.

You shouldn’t have to pay for that.


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