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11% ARR growth month on month with Jiminny


Connectd are one of the most excited startups in the Fintech space, empowering founders, advisors and investors to make and manage meaningful connections.

Their aim is to revolutionize the early-stage ecosystem, democratizing access to funding and talent. At Connectd they pride themselves on building technologies that foster connections to allow startups to grow and people to succeed.


Before scenario

  • Average rep performance was under £10,000 before Jiminny.
  • Needed to see around 11% growth month on month to hit key revenue targets in a year's time. 
  • If they don't hit these revenue targets, they may struggle to secure key funding they need to grow to the next stage of their company lifecycle


Since implementation of Jiminny

  • Since implementing Jiminny in August 2022, they have seen each sales rep achieve an average of 50% more revenue than they experienced before Jiminny
  • Total revenue generated since implementation of Jiminny is over 100% and met the 11% Month on Month requirement
  • They have seen their onboarding ramp time reduced from 2 months to under 1 month meaning reps are contributing revenue 50% quicker than expected which was key to hitting their aggressive revenue targets. 
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“It would have been infinitely more difficult to hit our revenue targets without Jiminny”

James, VP of Sales

How did they do it? 

  • Peer to peer learning, targeted data driven coaching as their leadership team is quite tight on available time
  • Improved their onboarding process by curating best practice onboarding playlists
  • Implemented a culture of self improvement where those who enjoy using Jiminny the most see higher revenue creation than those that don’t


Broader business impact

  • Jiminny was instrumental in Connectd securing funding as they significantly increased their month on month revenue attainment - enabling them to demonstrate a clear route to profitability
  • Revenue increased by over 100% within 12 months
  • Sentiment amongst the sales team improved from the implementation of Jiminny