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Reducing churn from 66% to 25% with Jiminny


Lemon.io is a developer marketplace that connects developers with projects. Their core value is connecting the right developer with the right project both in terms of competency and personality fit. 

We spoke to Kate Leschyshyn, Head of Sales & Olga Denesiuk, Sales Team Lead on how Jiminny has transformed their outbound efforts, their employee retention and their entire culture of performance coaching.

Reducing churn from 66% to 25%

The challenge

  • Churn was extremely high within their industry and they could have new customers churn and stop working with them within weeks of initially signing up. 
  • Before implementing the below Jiminny solutions, their churn rate was around 66% month on month. 
The result
  • Utilized Jiminny to review calls, identify best winning personas and target those personas. 
  • They saw their churn rate drop from 66% to 25% within 2 months. 
Impact of Automated MEDDPICC tracking 
The challenge
  • No real ability to track or implement a sales methodology. 
The result
  • Now able to automatically track MEDDPICC usage across all discovery calls and be notified of how well it is being implemented. 
  • Saw win rates go up from 8.5% to 12% with the same amount of leads.
How Jiminny cut onboarding times by 20% and doubled rep revenue 
The challenge
  • Before implementing Jiminny, they had no meeting recordings so it took a long time to get reps up to speed and manually train each rep.
The result
  • Cut hiring manager time they invest in onboarding new reps by 50%. 
  • Onboarding time for reps is reduced by 20%. 
  • Reps are now closing 100% more deals in month 2 compared to before. 
Putting the Success in CS

The challenge

  • Lack of understanding over how Jimnny can support a broad range of their challenges. 
The result
  • No other vendor in the market offers so much hands-on support, free of charge.
  • Jiminny drives continuous value and use of Jiminny across your teams, generating a higher ROI than other CI providers. 
How you can positively impact retention with data-driven coaching

The challenge

  • All sales coaching came from reps asking for it so was unstructured and ineffective. 
The result
  • Since implementing Jiminny, Lemon.io can utilise data to reveal coaching opportunities. 
  • Where previously, coaching was led by rep requests, it is now a structured system and has improved the retention rate for employees as they can see they’re learning and developing at a higher rate.