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The adaptability of B2B sales teams in uncertain times

September 13, 2022

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Sales doesn’t like uncertainty

As a community, B2B sales has conducted training, improved processes and implemented technologies all designed to facilitate sales motions and bring greater certainty to forecasts and revenue. Even so, uncertainty remains.

Our latest survey conducted by research firm Coleman Parkes, we explore the findings of an international 'pulse check' survey of 300 B2B sales professionals across the US, UK and Nordics in July and August of 2022.

In this report, you can expect to learn:

  • The top challenges salespeople face
  • How satisfied salespeople are in their roles
  • Why sales is getting harder or easier
  • Remote working: will sales go back to the office or not?
  • The prevalence of an economic downturn in sales conversations
  • The most useful activities for sales onboarding
  • How to better support sales