Why You Need Deeper Visibility Across Your Accounts and Pipeline


Effective pipeline management matters. Companies effective at pipeline management have been found to have an average growth rate 15% higher than those that are ineffective. The challenge to pipeline management is gaining deep enough visibility without wasting a lot of time.

Deeper sales pipeline visibility gives everyone across your business the data and insights needed for accurate forecasts, deal prioritization, identification of coaching opportunities, and improved performance. Plus, it prevents deals from getting lost in the shuffle or falling through the cracks. So how do you go about gaining deeper visibility on the details that matter most to your business?

Review account and opportunity engagements

Taking a closer look at the frequency and volume of activity at each touchpoint for every account and opportunity is a great place to start. View email, voice call, and video interactions to determine if the activity level matches the stage of the sales process. Where you can access this information will depend on your sales stack. You may need to visit various systems to paint a clearer picture of what’s happening in each account and with each deal — but it will be worth the effort.


Recognize deal risk before it’s too late

If the estimated close date for an opportunity is in the current month, decide if the engagement level is indicative of this. If it isn’t, you may want to listen to the last call or video for the specific deal or account to see what might be causing the lack of interaction. Is the deal actually lost? Does the rep owe the prospect information? Or is there something else that can be done to revive it?

Digging deeper like this will equip you to identify deals that need further attention and save them or update the close date to a more realistic timeframe.

If the rep missed an important detail or needs help, you can proactively lend a hand or send the rep a reminder. Plus, having reps keep tabs on their accounts and deals in this way routinely helps them identify issues before they can develop. They’ll be able to see gaps in activity and address them.


Easily identify coaching opportunities

Reviewing email, call, and video activity for each account and deal facilitates identifying and prioritizing coaching opportunities. This makes it possible for you to address the most pressing coaching requirements before deals are lost or fall through the cracks due to performance issues.

Strike while the iron is hot by leveraging these valuable insights that reveal incorrect behaviors or performance weaknesses. Then turn it around by sharing best practices examples from your call library to show how they can handle the situation moving forward or answer the objection that tripped them up. This prevents them from making the same mistakes in the future so they can win more deals and help more prospects identify the best solution to solve their challenges.


Create more accurate forecasts

Less than 20% of sales organizations have forecast accuracy of 75% or greater. This makes it difficult to predict sales performance and meet revenue goals. On the other hand, sales organizations that use a structured review process increase their win rates of forecasted deals by 25%, making it clear why you need to gain deeper visibility across your accounts and pipeline. Taking the time to review engagement information and ensure deals are on track to close on schedule enables you to increase your forecasting accuracy and recognize whether your pipeline is anemic or healthy. This minimises unpleasant surprises or disappointments at month-end, quarter-end, or year-end.

In summary…

Digging deeper into your account and deal engagements has its benefits. It makes it possible to save deals before they are lost, identify coaching opportunities when they most need to be addressed and increases forecast accuracy. Plus, targeted coaching helps save deals while improving performance and revenue too!

Interested in gaining deeper visibility across your accounts and pipeline? Book a demo with a member of our team to see how Jiminny can help streamline this process with Deal Insights.

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