6 Perspectives of How Technology and Coaching Drive Growth


This month, we’ve been talking about technology and coaching to boost customer experience and rep performance, plus key SaaS sales benchmarks to consider. We’ve also carefully curated additional relevant articles about driving business growth to supplement this month’s Jiminny blog content.

Read on to glean inspiration around these six perspectives of technology and coaching to drive business growth.

Leverage conversation intelligence to improve customer experience

Customer intelligence (CI) has proven its value to sales, but it can be leveraged by other departments across the business too. Learn how businesses benefit from CI utilised across the business by reading our article, Voice of the Customer: 7 Ways Tech Companies are using Conversation Intelligence Across Product Management and Customer Experience.

Boost rep performance without demanding more from sales leaders

Sales coaching has been found to boost sales productivity and revenue. Historically coaching has been administered solely by sales leaders, CI enables reps to engage in self and peer-to-peer coaching, expanding the amount of coaching across the team without putting it on sales managers. You can read about all three forms of sales coaching in our article, The 3 Types of Sales Coaching: Self, Peer, and Leader-Led.

AI delivers insights to optimize sales team potential

Garnering insights about sales team performance can be time-consuming, but AI in Jiminny provides a clear picture of sales team activity, metrics, and behaviours. Learn more about this intelligence and how to use it to improve sales performance by reading, 7 Ways Artificial Intelligence in Jiminny is Helping Sales Teams.

Benchmarks to gauge industry sales organisation success

A recent report by The Bridge Group revealed benchmarks that B2B SaaS sales leaders can use to understand how your organisation is doing in comparison to other sales teams in the industry. You can read the details in our article, 7 SaaS Sales Benchmarks for Leaders and AEs in B2B.

Effective manager + training + consistent coaching = top reps

A recent study by The Rain Group revealed what top-performing sales managers do differently and their impact on sales rep performance. They found that sellers are 63% more likely to be top performers when they work with an effective manager while receiving regular coaching and effective training. They also found that removing any of these elements greatly reduces the odds of creating top performers. Get the details by reading about The Rain Group study,  The Top-Performing Sales Manager.

Hire for potential to drive growth

Navigating the great resignation has made it more difficult to find enough experienced sales reps when expanding your sales team. The Sales Impact Academy discusses how to drive growth by hiring based on potential in leu of most experience. Read all about it in their article, How Startups are Driving Growth by Hiring for Potential Over Experience.


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