How to Be Your Best Self to Go For the Gold


Whether it’s the Olympics, the Triple Crown, or some other type of competition, the winner is decided by as little as one-hundredth of a second or a horse’s nose. If you fall short, there is no reward.

Sales are no different. It’s critically important that you be your best self during each and every engagement with a lead, prospect, or customer. All the little things add up to be the difference between being chosen, or being left in the dust by the competition.

Today’s B2B buyers spend only 17% of their time meeting with potential suppliers. And when they consider multiple solutions, reps may only get as little as 4-5% of the prospect’s time as they make their buying decision. The pressure is on for sellers to be at their best during each call and interaction, so it’s essential to give buyers what they want to help you stand out and win the business.

What buyers want

Demand Gen’s 2020 B2B Buyer Behavior Study revealed the top 5 reasons buyers select a vendor’s solution (and they CAN be controlled by sales reps).

This is where you can influence the buyer’s selection by going above and beyond to cross the finish line in first place.

The 5 things that you can control which are important to your prospects are:

  • Demonstrating strong knowledge of the solution and business landscape
  • Demonstrating a strong knowledge of your prospect’s company and their needs
  • Providing content that makes it easier for your prospect to build a business case for the purchase
  • Providing higher-quality content
  • Responding to inquiries in a timely fashion

Prepare consistently for success

All of these things simply take consistent preparation. Let’s take a look at what you need to do to master all these activities, put your best foot forward and win the race.

First, it’s essential that you embrace becoming a student so that you can be the best version of yourself every time you engage a prospect or customer. Then, become a student by taking the following steps:

Learn everything you can about your product or service and stay current with it as new features and options are made available. Then practice demoing it, answering questions about it, and responding to common objections relating to it. Listen to your team’s call recordings to learn the best way to present the information, and to your own call recordings to improve your presentation skills, communication skills or general customer conversations.

Stay current with the business landscape so you understand what’s happening in the market that might impact your customers and prospects. This will enable you to speak intelligently on customer calls and prepare you to ask appropriate questions to understand potential issues your prospects are dealing with.

Do your homework to learn all you can about each prospect or customer prior to engaging with them so you can jump right in with more advanced questions. Your prospects will appreciate this since they want to discuss what’s important to them instead of educating you about what they do or what their company does. Preparing like this will help you stand out by saving them time, and you’ll be able to focus on discussing their challenges while guiding them toward potential solutions.

Stay current with your company’s content library so you can easily arm your customers with content to build a strong business case for your solution. Make sure you read and understand each piece of available collateral, how to use it, and which buyer persona will benefit most from it. This will facilitate content selection so you can share it with prospects and customers in a timely fashion on demand. And, although you may not be writing the content yourself, you can control the quality of the content you share by ensuring that it’s relevant and appropriate to meet prospects’ needs.

Stay organized, keep detailed records of discussions with customers and prospects, and prepare by doing all the things we’ve discussed so far. This will make it easy for you to respond to inquiries and requests rapidly.

In summary…

If you’re going for the gold, you’ve got to stand out from the crowd. That means preparing by being a student. Study your product or service and the business landscape. Then learn everything you can about prospects and customers before engaging with them. Read, understand and stay current with your content library to make the most of it. And stay organized so you can respond to customer inquiries and requests in a timely fashion. Then you’ll be delivering what your buyers want, giving you an edge so that you can win their business.

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