BDRs That Feel Supported by Leadership Outperform Their Peers


Sales careers used to have a rough start. New sales employees were given a phone and expected to use it. There was little training, less coaching and the environment was ‘sink or swim.’

Those days are becoming a thing of the past, according to a survey by 6sense. The company polled 410 business development representatives (BDRs) with an average tenure of roughly two years. 

Among the key findings were the following:

  • Most BDRs feel supported. More than 8 in 10 BDRs (82%) said they feel supported in their role.
  • BDRs that feel supported outperform peers. Those BDRs that feel supported spend 12% more time contacting prospects. That matters because those salespeople who spend more time reaching out to prospects tend to have better results, said Kerry Cunningham, in a webinar reviewing the survey results. 
  • Support dips among tenured BDRs. “BDRs who have been on the job for a year or more feel 9% less supported than those newer to their companies,” according to the survey. 

Importantly the survey defined “support” along the lines of four characteristics: 

  • that BDRs know what’s expected of them in their roles; 
  • they believe they have the tools to do their job; 
  • they feel valued by the company’s leadership; and 
  • they trust their current duties will help them advance their careers. 

Sales coaching tools to support the supporters

In the same way BDRs need the right tools to do their jobs, sales leaders need the right tools to ensure their team members feel supported from their first day on the job. To that end, conversation intelligence can help check all of these boxes. 

For example, conversation intelligence facilitates sales coaching for new BDRs to get up to speed faster during the onboarding process. New BDRs can listen to call recordings from high-performing BDRs and get feedback on their own call recordings as they proceed to make them. 

Similarly, it’s useful for continued coaching – throughout tenure – to ensure even experienced BDRs continue to feel supported. Some of our customers do this by having the entire team choose a call recording to review collectively every week. Then they listen to the call as a group and analyse what went well and what could be improved. 

It’s clear from the survey that a well-supported BDR will help a company win more deals – and conversation intelligence and sales coaching are clear ways to provide that support. 


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