5 Ways to Improve Your Team’s Sales Performance (Month in Review)

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This month, we’ve been talking about new ways to improve sales outcomes and performance. Some of these include conversation intelligence, call recording software and sales coaching tools. These are all effective methods of support that sales leaders can offer their sales team. In addition to this month’s Jiminny blog content, we’ve carefully curated a few additional articles that we think deliver unmissable insights. Let’s take a closer look at five practical ways you can improve your team’s sales performance.

Conversational Intelligence boosts sales outcomes

According to a new report titled The State of the B2B CMO, conversation intelligence is a “difference-maker” for sales and marketing. The findings revealed sales productivity is influenced by things like which team sales reports to, sales and marketing alignment, and conversation intelligence. In our article Survey Finds Conversation al Intelligence is Linked to Better Sales Outcomes, you can learn more about the findings of the report.

Conversation Intelligence makes sales insights accessible

Conversation intelligence is a relatively new and often misunderstood technology, so we took it upon ourselves to clarify some myths about how it works, who benefits from it, and how to get the most value from it. One thing conversation intelligence does is eliminate the huge amount of time it used to take to gain valuable sales insights from call recordings. This facilitates increased coaching, planning, onboarding, and more for faster gains in sales wins and performance. Dispel your conversation intelligence myths by reading our post, Fact vs. Fiction: Conversation Intelligence Edition.

Leadership support contributes to better sales performance

Getting started in a sales career used to be more difficult than it is today. With little training or coaching, new sales reps were given a phone and left on their own to sink or swim. But, according to a survey by 6sense, BDRs that feel supported in their role in a variety of ways performed at a higher level than their peers. Part of the support they received included sales coaching tools that helped them learn and grow continuously on the job. You can learn more about the outcomes of this survey in our article, BDRs that Feel Supported by Leadership Outperform Their Peers.

Sales Leaders improve wellness and sales productivity with feedback

Another way that leadership support can contribute to better sales performance is through feedback. According to Forrester, sales leaders can boost sales productivity by improving wellness on their team. One method they advise trying is providing timely feedback to reps. This makes sales team members feel cared for and appreciated, which in turn improves their wellness and productivity. Interestingly, conversation intelligence facilitates this type of timely feedback while minimising the impact on leaders’ schedules. Learn more about how to improve wellness and productivity on your sales team in Forrester’s article, Sales Leaders Can Improve Sales Productivity By Focusing On Four Wellness Steps.

Compensation influences rep productivity

With so many reps hopping from job to job, sales rep retention and incentives have a huge impact on team productivity. Compensation is designed to drive desired sales behaviours and productivity, but if the comp plan isn’t as realistic or attainable as it seemed, it can become a demotivating factor. Knowing how to increase rep retention isn’t just important to productivity levels, it’s critical. Otherwise, your team’s output takes a hit every time you lose team members and need to onboard new ones. Learn how you can boost rep productivity and retention with the right comp plan in QuotaPath’s article and webinar, Comp Plan Workshop Recap: Double Rep Productivity and Retention.


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