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Turn your salespeople into top performers

Achieve industry-best sales performance with Jiminny, the leading sales performance management software.

Our platform gives reps the ability to develop themselves, teams the tools to coach each other, and sales leaders the insights they need to create high performers.


Create a team that always brings
their A game

See how Jiminny’s sales reps call recording software helps sales reps perform at their best with
informed coaching.
With Jiminny’s cutting-edge sales recording software, you gain valuable insights into your sales
teams performance. Analyze each sales call, track key metrics, and use call intelligence to
identify areas for improvement.


Sales call analytics

Dive deep into call analytics to understand customer interactions, objections, and successful closing techniques.


Sales call tracking

Keep track of all your sales calls, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Sales Call Monitoring

Sales call monitoring

Coach your sales team effectively by monitoring their calls and providing constructive feedback.

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Forecast with certainty

Jiminny’s sales reporting software provides comprehensive data analysis to help you make data-driven decisions. Track sales performance metrics, measure progress against targets, and analyze trends to forecast with confidence.

  • Sales performance tracking: Monitor individual and team performance over time, identifying areas of improvement and recognizing top achievers.
  • Sales performance management: Streamline your sales performance management process with powerful reporting and analysis tools.

Gain complete pipeline visibility

Spend time on the deals that matter with Deal Insights. From high-level to deep-dive, Jiminny gives you full visibility of all opportunities, accounts and rep activities.

  • Improve sales performance with accurate forecasting
  • Prioritize most important deals
  • Spot coaching opportunities
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Build strong, aligned sales teams

Jiminny’s range of sales coaching features ensures your reps are always motivated, up-to-speed and working together to deliver their best.

  • Faster, effortless rep onboarding
  • Share sales best-practice team-wide
  • Boost individual and team performance

Deliver insights-driven coaching

It takes valuable time and effort to upskill your reps. Our self-coaching and peer-to-peer coaching tools increase your bandwidth, and include intuitive conversation intelligence features to quickly strengthen rep performance.

  • Spot coaching opportunities easily
  • Share best-practice examples
  • Prioritize most urgent coaching needs
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Integrate with the tools you love

Jiminny works in harmony with your existing tech stack to accelerate performance across your business.

Google Meet
Microsoft Teams

How teams thrive with Jiminny

Jiminny works in harmony with your existing tech stack to accelerate performance across your business.


"Jiminny played a huge role of providing the entire sales team the possibility to listen back to our customer voices"

Ilija | Marketing and Sales Operations


"The support has been fantastic - I almost forget that Bekkie is a Jiminny employee, not an Informa employee!"

Amanda | Head of Commercialization, Commercial Portfolio

Best-in-class security for all

At Jiminny, we’re serious about keeping your data safe, and our platform is built with security at its core. From virtual private cloud storage to industry-best encryption, we take every precaution to safeguard your conversations and insights.

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