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Your AI magic wand for revenue
Introducing: Ask Jiminny

A lot goes on in every single customer call. Engagement levels change, new deal blockers arise and you have a shedload of items to action by the end.

Whether you’re in RevOps, a Sales Manager or a Rep, we could all do with a helping hand to get to the information that counts.


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What is Ask Jiminny?


Concerns & blockers

Understand the concerns or blockers the prospect has raised that could halt your deal, so you don't miss a thing. 

Risks & red flags

Warning signs identified in record time, so you can course correct your deal or rep behavior.

Coaching feedback

Instant feedback that reps can action to improve their sales and revenue generation skills. 

Engagement scores

Quantify prospect engagement levels, with advice on how to increase engagement for the next interaction.


Follow-up email written

Keep the communication flowing with your follow-up email intelligently written for you based on what just happened.

Meeting outcomes

Know the key points discussed, next steps and decisions made in the call in just one click. 


Ask Jiminny is available on both desktop and the Jiminny Mobile App, so you can access insights whenever you need them on the go.

You can use Ask Jiminny for calls made in:
English | German | Italian | French | Spanish | Swedish | Danish
...with more languages coming soon.

Who is Ask Jiminny for?

Tom Lavery running a coaching session in 2021

For Sales Managers

Ask Jiminny gets you the information you need quicker and more intelligently.

Get call and deal visibility in one click, so you can easily see

  • How your rep performed
  • How each call went 
  • The direction the deal is heading.

Any risks or prospect concerns are right there for you to action, alongside the instant feedback your rep has already received to improve their sales skills.

For RevOps

When it’s time for you to dig deeper into your pipeline review or forecast, just Ask Jiminny. 

Receive key insights in seconds into the deals that will swing your pipeline, including

  • Call notes
  • Deal risks and blockers
  • Prospect concerns and engagement levels

Ask Jiminny gives RevOps quick and easy access to the knowledge that moves the needle, so you can have informed conversations with Reps and Managers, and win those deals.

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For Sales Reps

Every call is a whirlwind, so let Ask Jiminny make it simple. 

In seconds after each call, you’ll receive

  • The summary you don’t have time to do
  • The insights you might have missed
  • The coaching feedback your manager wants you to have. 
So you can focus on improving your skills with every call and making your workflow more efficient and enjoyable.

Sales doesn’t have to be so hard. Make it intelligent, with Jiminny’s AI.

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