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Coach on-the-go with the Jiminny app

Maximize your team's revenue through coachable insights, now accessible on more devices than ever.




What is the Jiminny mobile app?


The Jiminny Mobile App is an exciting new way to access the Jiminny platform. Available on iOS and Android, it empowers users to maximize their coaching and access insights on-the-go.  The app gives you the opportunity to create a coaching culture of self-improvement to increase sales conversion rates - without disrupting your schedule or lifestyle.

You're a busy person.

The only thing you're guaranteed to have at all times?
Your phone.

We know how important it is to be flexible. Now you can gain insights from your key meetings while you're walking the dog, in the gym, commuting to the office, or even cooking at home - as all your recordings can be downloaded to listen to offline!


How does the app work?


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