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The 10 Best Sales Experts to Follow on LinkedIn

  • Jul 11, 2022
  • 4 minutes

As Zig Ziggler, said “always be learning something new”. This still holds true (as proven by recent research by Selling Power Magazine) - top sales performers love to learn and are open to feedback. Sales reps with a learning mindset:


  • Invest in their personal development outside of work
  • Believe there is always more to learn
  • Have a willingness and ability to effectively self-evaluate strengths and areas for development

Following sales experts is an excellent way to stay current with sales techniques and trends. But the challenge is identifying the best sales influencers to follow. That inspired us to create a list to help get you started.

There are so many knowledgeable sales experts today that researching the recently created lists of top sales experts and influencers enabled us to tally up who the best sales experts are. So, every time they appeared on a list, they received a “vote”. We then gathered the top 10 based on this system, which you can find listed below.

But since there were more than 10, we’ve added an Honorable Mention section for those who didn’t get quite so many votes but are still excellent sales experts you should consider following as well. Plus, one size doesn’t fit all, and what one sales rep or sales leader is looking for will be different than what another one needs. So, check these out and see which ones you find to be most beneficial based on what you’re looking for in a LinkedIn sales expert.

Image of Jill

Jill Konrath

As an experienced sales exec, keynote speaker, and four-time bestselling author, Jill knows sales inside and out. She was named LinkedIn’s #1 B2B Sales Expert to Follow in 2019 and consistently generates insightful content and shares it on LinkedIn. Although she has been in the industry a long time, Jill continues to stay on top of the latest trends in the fast-paced world of selling. One thing she loves to leach is how to stand out from other sales professionals by offering more to your prospects.

Image of Chaniqua

Chaniqua (Nikki) Ivey

Nikki is a sales pro with 10 plus years’ experience. She has built a large community of SDRs through her motivational and tactical content to inspire improvement. She also educates B2B leaders on diversity, inclusion, and the power of community while encouraging authenticity and honesty.

Image of Lori

Lori Richardson

Small to mid-sized sales – leadership & coaching

Follow Lori Richardson on LinkedIn to gain practical tips for diversity, inclusion, and success in B2B sales. She guides leaders to fix sales processes, find better sales candidates, and become better sales coaches. She is also the founder of WOMEN Sales Pros, a community dedicated to helping women get into B2B sales positions and sales leadership.


Image of Morgan

Morgan J. Ingram

Sales prospecting

Morgan J. Ingram is the director of sales execution and evolution at JBarrows Sales Training so it’s his job to stay on top of current sales trends. He translates those trends into actionable insights that help his followers improve their sales skills. Follow Morgan for tips on improving sales development and information on the latest sales trends. He is an excellent resource for learning effective prospecting skills and shares lots of educational content on LinkedIn.


Image of Trish

Trish Bertuzzi

Regardless of what size organization you’re managing, Trish Bertuzzi shares insights to inform, motivate, and inspire you. She advocates investing in sales coaching and training, staying focused on solving customer pain points, and consultative sales techniques to build trust with customers or prospects. Trish offers analytical insight, logical decision-making, and actionable advice. She's an inside sales evangelist who posts tips on creating higher-performing sales development and inside sales teams.

Image of Marcus

Marcus Chan

Selling to the ‘C’ Suite

Marcus put in the effort until he was selling seven-figure contracts. Now he’s a LinkedIn Top Voice in Sales, an Executive Member of the Forbes Business Council, and on a mission help B2B salespeople sell more in 2021. His posts on LinkedIn shed light on prospecting and better closing techniques.


Image of John

John Barrows

John provides sales training and consulting services to some of the world’s fastest-growing companies like Salesforce, Google, LinkedIn, and Slack. He shares practical LinkedIn content for sales leaders and sales reps. And he asks questions that make them think. John’s content includes stories about his experiences in sales development, demand generation, and sales coaching. By following him you’ll receive high-impact sales tips you can use no matter what kind of sales you do.

Image of Dale

Dale Dupree

Dale Dupree is the Founder and CEO of The Sales Rebellion where he teaches sales teams to rebel against “typical” results. He is also the host of Selling Local podcast, a sales therapist, a public speaker, and the author of How to Start a Sales Rebellion: Tales of the Copier Warrior. 

If your goal is to change up your approach to sales, you should follow Dale. His original content combines honesty with empathy and real-life scenarios.


Image of Jim

Jim Keenan

A Sales Guy Inc.

Keenan is the CEO of A Sales Guy Inc, a keynote speaker, and author. And absolutely everything Keenan posts is about selling.


Image of Anthony

Anthony Iannarino

Anthony Iannarino is a well-known sales leader, entrepreneur, and successful author. He is best known for his work at The Sales Blog where he shares his thoughts on B2B sales, sales leadership, B2B sales productivity, and much more.

On LinkedIn, he shares updates and tips on selling. Follow him for excellent advice you can put to use in any type of sales.


Honorable Mentions

  • Larry Long Jr – sales, mindset, business, motivation, and networking topics
  • Jeb Blount - sales, leadership, prospecting, training topics

In summary…

Continuous learning is the best way to keep your sales skills up to date and always be your best self. Following top sales experts on LinkedIn is a great way to supplement your day-to-day training and coaching. Check out the sales influencers on our list and start following them so you can identify the ones who best suit your needs. Keep on learning! 

Looking for additional ways to infuse continuous learning and sales skills growth in your sales reps?  Book a demo with a member of our team to see how Jiminny can help you consistently improve your team’s skills and performance.

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