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Conversation intelligence for fintech

  • Mar 1, 2024
  • 4 minutes

For the most part, fintech companies are out to disrupt traditional financial services.

So while you’re likely already leveraging innovative technologies like AI and big data, there is one key area that is often overlooked in fintech businesses.

Conversation intelligence.

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What is conversation intelligence?

How can conversation intelligence benefit fintech businesses?

The powerful data in your customer conversations

Analyze rep performance

Buyer and market analytics

Data compliance

What is conversation intelligence?

Conversation intelligence platforms use AI to analyze customer interactions across multiple channels and generate go-to-market insights. Harnessing phone, video call and email touchpoints, advanced algorithms extract insights around intent, emotion, topics, common questions, and more from raw conversation data. 

Conversation intelligence insights enable fintech businesses to improve revenue team performance and customer experience. It helps solve many problems unique to the complex world of finance and payments, with benefits across the business. Uncovering opportunities and market intel, the technology makes your revenue generation operations more efficient.

How can conversation intelligence benefit fintech businesses?

There are numerous ways conversation analytics can transform fintech businesses, by producing insights to ease and improve the operations of finance and payment solutions providers.

  • Optimize sales conversations 
    Conversation intelligence identifies best practices from top-performing reps to improve pitches across the team through instant feedback and AI coaching. Doubling down on high performance maximizes your selling time and makes your sales cycle more efficient.

  • Evaluate rep performance 
    Use conversation metrics unique to your business to refine coaching and training approaches for sales reps and monitor their performance over time.

  • Better understand customer needs 
    Discover rising needs around new features or products directly from customer conversations. Stay on the pulse of new legislation and customer requirements, to retain product-market fit. Feed these insights to product and marketing teams to guide future development.

  • Reduce customer churn 
    Detect signs a user may churn like frustration or competitor mentions and proactively intervene to retain them, protecting your hard-earned revenue.

  • Highlight upsell opportunities
    Uncover complementary products or services a customer may benefit from based on what they say - or don’t say - in conversations. 

The applications for CI in fintech really are vast, offering significant competitive advantage as the fintech space moves forward.

Here’s our guide to getting started with conversation intelligence for fintech companies, so you see a return on your investment from Day 1.

The powerful data in your customer conversations

The foundation of conversation intelligence tools lies in gathering data from customer interactions across communication channels. This means integrating a solution to capture conversations from sales call recordings, emails, support tickets, and any other way customers engage with your business - at scale. 

You need a tool that integrates seamlessly with your existing tech stack and gathers the data automatically. AI then processes the raw conversation data to extract key insights for teams across your business. 

While standardized metrics and insights are a good benchmark, you’ll also want to be aware of methodologies, processes and practices you have trained into your team and how you can measure these with your CI tool. This is where you can add another layer of value into your chosen platform.


Analyze rep performance

Conversation analytics provides objective insights into individual rep performance on every single call, by tracking things like:

By evaluating these metrics, alongside the automated call score, based on your business’ best practice standards, you can refine your sales coaching methods. This makes for more effective use of your coaching time and allows reps to coach themselves and each other by equipping them with the insight and feedback they need.

Buyer and market analytics

Analytics can outline common topics, phrases, pain points, and more. You can see where conversations deviate from desired paths, indicating issues that require resolution either in your product, sales or marketing team. These insights improve scripts, dialogues, and customer interactions over time, to help make your business more aligned to your Ideal Customer Profile and hopefully, increase conversion rate.


Systems for success

Proactive alerts based on conversation analytics data can notify agents and managers about urgent issues or opportunities to better serve customers. For example, you can be alerted to spikes in competitor mentions to keep an eye on the market, or when a deal has had no activity for a certain period of time, so deal cycles aren’t dragged out any further. With a comprehensive bank of all your call recordings, you can also create Playlists of calls to share, such as best practices from your sales team, or how to handle specific objections.

Integrate and automate

To fully leverage the power of conversation intelligence, integrate the insights into your technology stack - there’s no point in insights if you can’t see them in the CRM. Conversation intelligence platforms seamlessly connect with your CRM so your single source of truth is even more comprehensive. This amplifies the value of the data. Call recordings, transcriptions and action points are pushed instantly to your CRM, eliminating admin for your reps and maximizing their selling time. 

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Continuously improving models over time

Like any AI application, the accuracy and quality of analysis evolves and improves over time, particularly when proprietary models are built, like Jiminny. The longer your conversation intelligence platform ingests data, the better it understands your customers and business needs, providing deeper and deeper insights. So when searching for a CI tool, prioritize models that continually train themselves for optimal performance.

There is no fintech without data compliance…

The question you’ve been waiting for… What about data security and compliance when recording calls?

With sensitive financial customer data, security and compliance are high priority, so you need a tool that offers multiple options for recording customer interactions in a way that is compliant to your operations. 

At Jiminny, we use enterprise-grade 256-bit AES technology to safely encrypt and decrypt all data transferred to and from the Jiminny platform. 

Jiminny is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers, so you benefit from SOC1-3 reporting and the tightest ISO 27001 compliance and controls. We’re also proud to retain our SOC examination with the guidance of third-party audit firm A-lign.


Conversation intelligence is no longer an optional nice-to-have for fintech businesses. The insights extracted from customer conversations at scale are critical for outmaneuvering competitors, retaining customers, delivering great customer experiences, and minimizing costs. 

Want to find out more?

Here’s how payments provider, Hokodo, accelerated rep productivity and revenue generation with Jiminny's CI.

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