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Help your team sell better.

Jiminny’s conversation intelligence platform gives you the visibility you need to drive change in your revenue team, by recording and analyzing your customer interactions.



FinTech is competitive.

And working with organizations like yours we’ve helped teams by providing insights that give you a clear path to your goals.

Gain critical go-to-market insights from the voice of your customer, monitor competitor mentions and understand the real reason you’re losing deals.

Losing deals sucks.

And your revenue team deserves to reach their full potential, doing what they do best. 


Scale high performance

Replicate skills with coaching frameworks, call feedback and knowledge sharing across your team.

Gain the visibility you need 

See your deals in the detail that matters, so you can move the needle and shorten your sales cycle

Track what's happening

See competitor mentions, pain points, market trends  and more, so your team can nail it every single time

Arming the disruptors...

At Jiminny, we're all about arming the underdogs, the innovators, the disruptors.

When it comes to selling and standing out, listening to your customer voice is crucial. 

Equip your reps with a true understanding of what your prospects want and need, and
gather data on competitor mentions, pain points and trends. 

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Time's ticking on those never-ending sales cycles.

Jiminny’s AI provides visibility into deal activity, so your reps know how and where to spend their time. 

It’s all about moving the needle, accelerating timelines, and hitting targets faster.

See where risks are in your sales process so you can do something about deal threats before it’s too late. 

And forecast where you’re going to land, with more confidence. 

Your team deserve tools that empower them

So they can learn and improve their skills every single day.

> Understand your customers.
> Gain go-to-market insight.
> And smash those targets.

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