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How Hokodo uses Jiminny to accelerate productivity


Hokodo offers a B2B Buy Now, Pay Later solution enabling B2B merchants to sell more by offering credit terms to their business customers instantly, even on their first purchase. Merchants can get paid upfront, while Hokodo handles all collections. In turn, customers benefit from additional interest-free payment terms through a frictionless Buy Now, Pay Later checkout experience.

Sales leadership at Hokodo wanted to scale their sales team efficiently. Nasri El-Sayegh, VP of Revenue at Hokodo explains how they built an onboarding process and created a coaching culture that shortened SDR time to productivity within two weeks of joining.

“We’ve seen time to close decrease, conversion rate increase, and can see that the team are selling in a consistent manner.”


The challenge

Nasri El-Sayegh, VP of Revenue at Hokodo, came to Jiminny with a few challenges he was looking to solve. He wanted to make the sales reps’ workflow as efficient as possible, so they weren’t wasting time on administrative tasks. He wanted to develop an effective onboarding process, including a library of best practices, so new hires could become proficient in their roles quickly and efficiently.

He also wanted to create a coaching culture to drive success across the entire sales team.


You’re going to see the outcomes if you put in the effort and the investment on your side.

Nasri El-Sayegh, VP of Revenue

The outcome

By using Jiminny, Hokodo were able to accelerate speed to productivity for new SDRs doing outbound to within two weeks of joining the business. According to Nasri, “They’ve got confidence in hearing how their colleagues and peers are doing it and the success they’re getting. So, they know what works and what necessarily they need to be aware of.”

SDRs are hitting their targets earlier and delivering their first opportunities faster than expected. Plus, AEs are moving deals through the funnel a lot quicker, especially on their first couple of deals.

Hokodo are now seeing decreased time to close, increased conversion rates and have visibility to confirm the team are selling in a consistent manner.

Provides a solid onboarding process
Streamlined sales rep workflow for greater efficiency
Helps leadership create a coaching culture
Deeper understanding of customer’s true needs