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Arm your CS team with the voice of your customers

Lock-in loyalty, shrink churn and drive customer sales by building a customer-centric culture. Share conversation insights across your Sales, Marketing and CS teams to keep your customer’s experience engaging, consistent and seamless.


Deliver a 360° experience

See how Jiminny helps your Customer Success teams give and get
so much more from your customers.


Perfect your customer profiling


Deliver service that customers rave about


Spot upsell opportunities


Deliver smoother customer onboarding


Optimize your Sales-CS handover

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Perfect your customer profiling

Lack of insight into customer satisfaction is poor for CX, blurs customer personas and impedes effective marketing. With Jiminny, CS teams can closely monitor customer sentiment and provide Sales and Marketing with the intelligence they need to perfect their targeting and messaging.

  • Deeper customer knowledge.
  • More effective, customer-centric messaging.
  • Increase retention and customer spend

Spot upsell opportunities

Upsell and cross-sell more by spotting customer sales opportunities as soon as they appear. Jiminny gives you the tools to quickly grasp your customer’s needs, so you can instantly step in and offer tailored solutions.

  • Real-time insights to pinpoint opportunities
  • Drive growth from existing accounts
  • Respond faster to customer needs
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Deliver smoother customer onboarding

CX can quickly go from good to bad if handovers from sales to CS aren’t well-executed. Jiminny makes onboarding your new customers smooth, continuous and problem-free, with seamless information sharing between teams.

  • Share call summaries and snippets for speedy and efficient handovers
  • Never miss a discussion detail again 
  • Create a frictionless onboarding journey for your customers

Integrate with the tools you love

Jiminny works in harmony with your existing tech stack to accelerate performance across your business.

Google Meet
Microsoft Teams

How teams thrive with Jiminny

Jiminny works in harmony with your existing tech stack to accelerate performance across your business.


"Jiminny played a huge role of providing the entire sales team the possibility to listen back to our customer voices"

Ilija | Marketing and Sales Operations


"The support has been fantastic - I almost forget that Bekkie is a Jiminny employee, not an Informa employee!"

Amanda | Head of Commercialization, Commercial Portfolio

Best-in-class security for all

At Jiminny, we’re serious about keeping your data safe, and our platform is built with security at its core. From virtual private cloud storage to industry-best encryption, we take every precaution to safeguard your conversations and insights.

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