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Introducing the Jiminny App and how it helps busy sales teams

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The biggest barrier that stops sales managers coaching their team?


You’re busy. We’re busy. The people you’re trying to sell to are busy… It stands to reason that sometimes it’s hard to find a moment to listen to calls and identify ways to connect with customers better.

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That’s why we’ve released the Jiminny app.

We understand that the more effectively you can use the hours in your day, the more deals you can close. Our app is designed to give you more flexibility, so you can help your team to connect with more customers and increase revenue.

Top features for busy sales teams:

  • Use our mini player to playback call recordings on your phone, just like a podcast
  • Maximize coaching opportunities by leaving comments on calls from the app
  • Use data-driven insights to pinpoint deal risks and take action to close deals
  • View your live feed and read call summaries wherever you are
  • Get real-time notifications in the app
  • Use the customer support messenger in app if you need it

And, all this is included in your Jiminny license at no extra cost!

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