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Attune your business to the customer voice

Introduce complete alignment across your business with a rich pool of insights into what your customers and prospects are saying.

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Sales and Business Development

Jiminny increases sales performance, collaboration and productivity across your revenue teams. Use detailed conversation intel to close bigger deals, fast-track conversions, create seamless internal communication and drive more effective rep onboarding, training and coaching.

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Customer Success

Deliver a consistent, high-quality customer experience, from first call to onboarding and beyond. By sharing essential conversation snippets across every touch-point and business function, Jiminny helps you achieve a smooth, connected journey for all your customers.

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Jiminny makes your marketing more relevant, customer-centric and responsive. By using conversation insights, the team better understands why customers have been won or lost, what  your ICP’s needs, wants, frustrations and desires are, and can SEO-optimize your messaging and content.

  • Capture customer feedback
  • Mirror customer language 
  • Fine-tune messaging and content
  • Improve SEO performance

Product Development

Refine your products and services in line with what buyers actually want. Jiminny’s conversation insights give your product specialists a unique window into user challenges, requirements and preferences. So you can tailor your products to be more relevant and attractive to your customers and easily spot trends to aid prioritization.

  • Align products to match buyer needs
  • Track buyer sentiments
  • Pinpoint and resolve product issues
  • Identify most popular features
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Integrate with the tools you love

Jiminny works in harmony with your existing tech stack to accelerate performance across your business.

Google Meet
Microsoft Teams

How teams thrive with Jiminny

Jiminny works in harmony with your existing tech stack to accelerate performance across your business.


"Jiminny played a huge role of providing the entire sales team the possibility to listen back to our customer voices"

Ilija | Marketing and Sales Operations


"The support has been fantastic - I almost forget that Bekkie is a Jiminny employee, not an Informa employee!"

Amanda | Head of Commercialization, Commercial Portfolio

Best-in-class security for all

At Jiminny, we’re serious about keeping your data safe, and our platform is built with security at its core. From virtual private cloud storage to industry-best encryption, we take every precaution to safeguard your conversations and insights.

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