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How To Be a Great Sales Coach - The Fundamental Guide

  • Jun 16, 2023
  • 2 minutes

From one Sales Leader to Another…

A good sales coach plays a crucial role in a high-performing sales team. So if you’re just getting started as a sales leader or feel you're letting your responsibilities slip around coaching your team, we’ve got you covered.

Your Role as a Sales Coach

First up, it’s important to define what is in the remit of a coach and how it’s different from a teacher or trainer. While imparting best practice processes, theory and technical knowledge are all important, a key differentiator of a coach is to motivate your team. Encouraging self-motivation and defining and celebrating small wins are crucial to the coaching process. If you want to go back to basics on sales coaching, try our fundamental guide here.

Prioritize your Efforts

Unfortunately, you can’t spend your whole working week coaching, so you have to prioritize what and how you coach. Honing in on which areas need the most improvement for each team member will maximize your coaching efforts. Start with a review of where your team is at and what the knowledge gaps are, then align this with the current state of your market. Working out which areas of coaching will have the most impact for your team will amplify the benefits. 

Focus on the person, not the player

Sales is about people, so make sure you’re understanding and supporting the individual growth of each team member. Take the time to know your team on a personal level—their aspirations, their unique strengths and their weaknesses. Tailor your coaching approach to their specific needs, offering personalized guidance that considers their individual learning styles. 

Inspire Confidence & Ownership

Confidence is a key attribute of a successful sales rep. As a sales coach, it's your job to nurture confidence in your team, so allow them the space to take ownership of their sales processes and outcomes. Then it’s up to you to provide constructive feedback and recognize their achievements, highlighting the progress they make along the way. Empower your team members to set their own goals so they hold themselves accountable for achieving them.

The Gamechanger: Ask Powerful Questions

Your team don’t need spoon-feeding, so don’t feel like you need to give them all the answers. 

Encourage critical thinking and problem-solving by asking open-ended questions. This way, your team will think more independently, explore alternative lines of thought and arrive at the conclusion having learned more along the way. Remember, it’s about the journey.


Ready to tackle the team? Check out our group coaching guide here

Shelley Lavery is the COO and Co-Founder of Jiminny, the leading conversation intelligence and sales coaching platform that helps companies maximize their revenue. With over a decade of experience in coaching B2B sales teams, Shelley was previously Group SVP of Sales at Reward Gateway now leading the conversation intelligence discussion with expertise and insight.

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