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How Xzito use Jiminny to increase collaboration and improve communication


From small business startups to Fortune 500’s, Xzito is the award-winning marketing and sales growth partner to a diverse range of clients. They’re a full-service agency that partners with leaders to execute brand engagement and revenue growth strategies.

When Xzito’s Revenue Growth Partner, Jeshua Zapata, began his search for a conversation intelligence tool, he was looking to improve communication across his sales and service teams to provide a cohesive solution to his customers. It was Xzito’s understanding of how important collaboration is to driving effective results, coupled with a desire to introduce a transparent and open culture to the business, that led them to Jiminny.


The challenge

Crucial notes would sometimes slip through the cracks or forget to be taken. On top of that, it was hard for Xzito to relay detailed call information (such as tone of voice and exact words) from sales to service.

What they needed was a conversation intelligence tool that records, transcribes and analyses their customer calls, allows teams to search transcriptions, easily share snippets and calls via their communications tools and (most importantly) integrates with their CRM. The dream was for every customer conversation to be linked back to the CRM, turning each contact record into a centralised library of engagements and touch points that anyone and everyone from Xzito had made.

His biggest challenge was achieving all of this at a reasonable cost; as conversation intelligence was considered an exploratory technology for Xzito, it needed to be achieved at a competitive price.


Jiminny really has superior technology and extremely good customer service - everyone that we worked with was extremely helpful in helping us understand the technology.

Jeshua Zapata, Revenue Growth Partner

The outcome

Not only was Xzito able to overcome all of the challenges they faced, but their determination to increase collaboration led to developing a coaching culture that fosters personal and professional growth.

For Xzito’s sales team, using Jiminny meant they were able to playback conversations and have more detailed conversations with the service team around the customer’s priorities, needs and pain points. For management, it allowed them to introduce call scoring and coaching to the business, and to work alongside their teams to reflect on what went well during the sales process as well as what could be improved. The Jiminny customer success team were able to help configure users, the CRM integration and set-up customised call scoring criteria.

Ultimately, Xzito believes that Jiminny has helped them to build a huge competitive advantage in that it’s now an even more effective service provider to their customers.

Business-wide transparency and collaboration
More effective onboarding

Improved communication and service
Better sales-customer success handover