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Mindset, skillset and toolset: The anatomy of a successful sales team

Missed quotas and low employee retention rates are some of the common symptoms known by the many businesses that struggle to move away from failing sales practices. For those that are trying, even with the right balance of competitiveness, drive and morale, creating a high performance sales team still isn’t an easy job.

It needs to be built, scaled and enabled with intention, as its success hinges on hiring the right talent, developing them through the right coaching and supporting them with a slick tool stack - all whilst creating an environment of safety and openness.

In this on-demand virtual panel, Tom Lavery (CEO & Founder @ Jiminny), Kirsty Charlton (VP of RevOps @ Signal AI), Chris Hatfield (Founder & Coach @ Sales Psyche) and James Mensforth (Sales Director - UK&I @ Aircall)‍ talk about the formula that sales leaders can follow when it comes to building a world-class, high performing team.