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How Rosterfy uses Jiminny to increase HubSpot logging by 20x


Rosterfy helps charities, non-profit, events and sporting organizations, recruit, retain and reward volunteers. Their comprehensive platform allows volunteer managers to spend less time with their admin, more time engaging with their teams and better supporting their causes.

As a global business, Rosterfy had to find a way to support remote teams across multiple time zones, so Chris Wigan, Rosterfy’s Chief Revenue Office turned to Jiminny…


The challenge

Chris and his team knew they needed a tool that would allow them to greatly reduce sales admin and improve their CRM hygiene, while giving their potential customers a great experience and elevate their onboarding process.

Hubspot integration was vitally important to record real time activity logging, but the real challenge was finding a solution that was intuitive to use as their teams are spread across multiple time zones and Chris needed a system that could be easily rolled out to his team.


For sales hygiene, it's a game-changer.

Chris Wigan, Chief Revenue Officer

The outcome

Thanks to Jiminny Sidekick, the Chrome extension that automatically sends call and meeting activity to your CRM, Rosterfy's sales reps went from logging activity to HubSpot 5 to 6 times per week, to 4 times per day.

Not only has Chris seen a huge uptake in logging activity to the CRM, his teams are now using the time they've saved in sales admin to proactively coach each other by creating playbooks and sending snippets to their peers.

Chris has full visibility of his team's meeting activity, level of account engagement and coaching frequency thanks to Jiminny. “My team has quick and easy to access insights” says Chris.

20x as many
calls and meetings are now logged to HubSpot
Peer- and self-coaching
using call playback, playlists and snippets