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How kleene.ai uses Jiminny to deliver an optimised customer experience


kleene.ai is a complete data program that fully automates data analytics and reporting tasks, designed to be the single source of truth for the business. In the video below, kleene.ai’s Revenue Operations Manager, Francesca Rock, gives her take on how Jiminny has positively impacted Sales, CS, Marketing, Product and ultimately the customer and their experience.


The challenge

kleene.ai needed a conversation intelligence tool to record customer conversations across their teams for greater visibility and to gain a deeper understanding of their customers for sales, service, marketing, and product improvements.


It has made such a difference to our whole business - everyone who is using Jiminny absolutely loves it and is astounded by how much we've been able to get out of it.

Francesca Rock, Revenue Operations Manager

The outcome

Jiminny now plays a key role in providing kleene.ai with better deal visibility and forecast accuracy, plus a smoother pre-to-post sales transition, a deeper understanding of their customers, and a more efficient coaching process for an improved customer experience.

Clearer pipeline visibility
Improved peer-to-peer coaching