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How Evermed uses Jiminny to take coaching to the next level


For healthcare professionals, Evermed is the Netflix of medical conferences. Partnered with 30+ international medical societies and working with many global pharma Fortune 500 companies, they’re on a mission to make world-class medical education universally accessible via their beautiful and optimised on-demand platform.

One of Evermed’s core corporate values is embracing learning and pursuing growth. Coupled with an appreciation of the importance data plays in identifying opportunities for developing their sales team, Evermed’s CEO, Bozidar Jovicevic, and Marketing and Sales Operations Manager, Ilija Djukic, began their search for the right sales coaching tool to integrate with their existing tech stack and introduce consistent, results-driven coaching to their international sales teams.


The challenge

As a company experiencing rapid growth, scaling up their team both quickly and effectively was a must. While Evermed already had some level of coaching in place, it wasn’t as consistent or as insightful as he would’ve liked. They wanted to be able to adapt the sales team’s techniques quickly, and planned to use learning and technique refinement to improve Evermed’s overall messaging to achieve an optimised product-market fit.

To do this, one of the agreed actions was for Ilija to spend more time with Sales Directors to help them understand their habits and coach them to improve. But with concerns around their teams’ (and their customers’) tentativeness toward call recording software, and with little time available to dedicate towards technical set-up and implementation, they turned to Jiminny for support in tackling the challenges they faced around achieving high levels of user adoption in a very short timespan.


Jiminny played a huge role of providing the entire sales team the possibility to listen back to our customer voices.

Ilija Djukic, Marketing and Sales Operations Manager

The outcome

Evermed was able to instil regular manager coaching into their culture and augment that with use of Jiminny’s features for self-coaching and peer-to-peer coaching.

With Jiminny, the Evermed team was easily able to proactively spot where calls could be improved and used those data insights to target opportunities for growth on an individual basis. This was done by combining Jiminny’s call statistics features with sales calls analysis.

What’s more, having access to real customer conversations data helped Evermed to restructure and optimise discovery call messaging to reflect more realistic situations and circumstances, enabling them to achieve an outcome they were after: having a well-prepared and adaptable sales team. With Jiminny, Evermed were technically set up within 1 hour, and have since found that 90% of discovery calls meet or exceed performance expectations.

Increased learning of sales best practice
Introduced weekly group coaching sessions
Clear overview of team performance
Able to receive direct market feedback