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How Cylentium uses Jiminny to retain focus and listen to the voice of the customer


Cylentium is the first-of-its-kind technology in the market that creates a secure shield around WiFi, cable and cellular networks, minimising the security risk for various organisations.


The challenge

Cylentium needed a conversation intelligence tool to capture and accurately transcribe the huge amount of technical data received via their customer calls, to alleviate the need for note-taking and help them stay focused on the conversation.


We find the transcriptions are amazingly accurate, and it allows us to spend less time trying to write and record notes, and focus more and listen to the customer.

The outcome

Conversation capturing and sharing are now effortless thanks to Jiminny, and Cylentium today has a centralised source of truth for all their customer interactions. Jiminny has also enabled the team at Cylentium to impress their clients by focusing on key conversations, topics and trends, instead of mundane admin tasks.