How Contractbook use Jiminny for optimised training and culture development


Contractbook builds a foundation for contracts, enabling contract automation and data. Integrating with existing tech stack, users are able to run their contracts on autopilot with workflows that manage the creation, tracking, signing and organization of contracts.


Optimised onboarding


Higher customer retention

Why Contractbook loves Jiminny


"Feedback culture and asking for criticism in a constructive way is really strong within the team now."

Alexander Irschenberger
VP of Strategy

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The Challenge

Contractbook needed a conversation intelligence tool to not only record customer conversations, but to also turn data and analytics into actionable insights that made measuring and developing call performance easy.

The Outcome

Jiminny now plays an essential role in Contractbook’s internal training and onboarding, and equips their Sales, CS and Product teams with the voice of the customer - leading to increased collaboration and improved customer retention.