How Cision use Jiminny to increase average order value by 20%+


Cision is a leading global provider of earned media software and services to public relations and marketing communications professionals. Their cloud-based reputation and media management software facilitates social media monitoring, publishing, and reporting.


Sales leadership at Cision were lacking visibility. Watch the video as Sales Managers Mike Day and Luke O’Connor explain how they moved from being in the dark about team conversations, strengths and weaknesses, to building a structured coaching culture and seeing a 20% increase in average order value. For Luke, “Jiminny has been a game changer and the manager training has been fantastic…it’s a great partnership!” Mike added, “If you want more in-the-know salespeople doing the right processes and techniques, implementing Jiminny will help.”


Consistent tracking

and accurate measurement of rep progress

Higher win rates

and increased average order value

Greater visibility

of deals and team performance

Deeper understanding

of customer’s true needs

Why Cision loves Jiminny


"As long as you use it consistently and appropriately, it is a fantastic tool to upskill people and make you a better team"

Mike Day
Sales Manager

Watch the interview below

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The Challenge

Mike and Luke were lacking visibility into the conversations the sales team were having. They wanted to be able to identify individual and team strengths and weaknesses to develop a more efficient, effective, and skilled sales team.


Cision needed help strategizing effective training sessions for the team, but they weren’t sure where to start.


And like most sales leaders, Luke and Mike lacked the bandwidth to listen to every call in its entirety. They needed a way to easily identify key coaching moments without the guesswork.

The Outcome

By using Jiminny, Cision were able to increase average order value by 20% so far, and it’s still increasing.


They’ve seen call quality improve, enabling their reps to pitch higher-end products more often. According to Mike, this is a result of their reps' improved discovery skills, digging deeper to understand the true needs of every prospect, enabling them to become trusted advisors to their clients.


This has led to a higher win percentage in addition to the boost in average order value.