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How AllVoices uses live coaching to close deals faster


AllVoices is an anonymous reporting platform that simplifies collecting, managing and resolving workplace issues and helps their customers proactively identify and address the patterns of those issues to improve the employee experience.


The challenge

Jake Lytle, Director of Sales at AllVoices, needed the perfect conversation intelligence tool to support building out his team as they started moving toward a successful outbound model.

Coming from a competitor, not only were affordability and ROI deciding factors when choosing to switch to Jiminny, but also the platform's "infinitely better" coaching features that have allowed the sales team to feedback to each other within the platform as well as receive and deliver live coaching effectively.


The way we're able to leave feedback within the platform is infinitely better than what we had been using - the affordability and ROI vs. the competitor we were using also is very clear.

Jake Lytle, Director of Sales

The outcome

Today, “coaching conversations are infinitely more productive” according to Jake. “We’re able to have conversations now that are so much more based around data”. Jiminny’s live coaching feature has also allowed managers and coaches to be more engaged and support members of the team in a timely manner, leading to moving deals across the line faster than ever before.

Thanks to AllVoice’s use of Jiminny’s powerful coaching and sales enablement features, including Sidekick (auto-logging call activity to the CRM), coaching frameworks and Team Insights, Jake now finds that there's “less slipping through the cracks” when it comes to onboarding, training and overall selling.

Powerful live coaching
delivering advice in the moment without interrupting the flow of conversation
Closing deals faster
through data-driven pipeline review meetings