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Unlock the full potential of your software suite

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For our next webinar we have teamed up with our partners at Cledara to discuss how Marketing, Sales and Finance work together to drive streamlined processes, inter-team collaboration and maximise software ROI.

Selling in 2023 is extremely challenging. The flow of inbound leads is diminishing, outbound efforts are being overlooked and ROI is in disarray.

Sales, Marketing & Finance teams that focus on cost and choose not to invest in software often struggle in the long term. How do you ensure that your teams are working in unison to drive efficiency and improve sales cycles as you invest in scalable software strategies?

Discussion points

Minimal viable tech stack

Discover the key indicators to quickly cut through the noise and identify the essential tools required for your business.

Employee buy-in

Necessary for the successful procurement of any tool, uncover the latest methods to establish mutual understanding in the decision-making process and empower stakeholders.

Embed tech into culture

Ensure the wider team has visibility of the software available to them to encourage a culture of curiosity and self-guided onboarding.

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Steve Dunn-Massey

CFO, Jiminny

Steve is an experienced CFO having worked in the VC backed tech sector. Since 2000, Steve has held several roles in high-growth, leading edge software business helping to drive growth and ultimately realise strong exits for the VC backers.

Tom Lavery

CEO & Founder, Jiminny

Tom is the founder and CEO at Jiminny and has over 15 years of experience in high-growth VC/PE-backed SaaS companies. Prior to starting Jiminny, he was SVP at Reward Gateway and saw them through two PE-backed buyouts.

Rob Glickman


Rob is a Silicon Valley CMO and investor with a wealth of knowledge from leading technology companies such as PayPal, SAP Cloud and Airbase.

Chris Smith

Head of sales, CLEDARA

Chris is the Head of Sales at Cledara with 10+ years of experience building and scaling GTM functions in the research, advisory and SaaS space in organizations such as CEB, Box and Coursera.