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To quota & beyond: How to drive revenue in a recession

March 2, 2023

With budgets being cut and sales reps feeling demotivated, it's important to have strategies in place to overcome these obstacles.

Jiminny founder, Shelley Lavery is joined by an expert panel as they share insights on how SaaS teams can maintain productivity, efficiency, and hit their targets while prioritizing their mental health.

Check it out to get:

  • Proven techniques for maximizing productivity and efficiency
  • Ways to empower your sales team to convert more with less
  • Tips for hitting quota without sacrificing your mental well-being 


Shelley Lavery
COO & Founder, Jiminny
Chris Hatfield
Founder, Sales Psyche
Graham Collins
Interim VP of Sales, Quotapath
Jason Gwilliam
Director of Sales Enablement, Cision