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Antidote to a bad month? Sales reps that coach themselves

Has your team been feeling a little stuck lately? The answer: self-coaching at scale

Reps can take ownership of their own self-improvement, with the right support. Managers can embed this culture - and motivate their reps to succeed in coaching.

Forget about 'bad luck', and find tangible ways to improve your own performance. Our panel will explain how to identify and measure these coaching activities, at scale:

  • Re-orienting after a bad month
  • Manager-led inspiring reps to improve
  • Identifying, actioning and measuring improvements


Shelley Lavery
COO & Founder, Jiminny
Temi Olugbenga
Commercial Director, The Early Careers Company
Ben Smith
Director of Business Development, Reachdesk
Alex Wood
Velocity Account Executive, Aircall