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The most in-demand qualities in RevOps & Revenue professionals

  • Feb 8, 2024
  • 3 minutes

What is revops?

Revenue Operations (RevOps) roles unite business departments to increase and protect revenue with strategy, efficiency and finesse.

Ultimately, the RevOps team uses data to strategize the GTM function, bringing together all the critical pieces needed to keep revenue flowing smoothly. 

In terms of their day-to-day, the role of a RevOps professional will vary hugely depending on the size of the team. If you’re lucky enough to have a Marketing Ops, CS Ops, Sales Ops or General Operations manager working alongside you, the projects you undertake as RevOps will vary in number and scale. 

What is a revenue leader?

A revenue leader is someone who is responsible for overseeing and driving growth for an organization's revenue. They develop strategies, optimize processes, and lead teams to help the company meet and exceed its revenue goals. Revenue leaders come from diverse backgrounds but share key skills like strategic thinking, data analysis, stakeholder management, and team leadership. They play a critical role in an organization's success.

What job roles exist within revenue operations? 

Revenue operations is an incredibly  fast-growing field, with new roles emerging every year. Here are some key RevOps roles and their average US salaries:

  • Revenue Analyst - Analyzes revenue data, identifies trends and insights, and communicates recommendations. Average salary: $62,000
  • Revenue Operations Analyst / RevOps Analyst - Supports Revenue Ops through data analysis, systems implementation, process improvement, and more. Average salary: $65,000
  • Revenue Operations Consultant / RevOps Consultant - Works with clients to assess revenue processes and make recommendations for optimization. Average salary: $95,000
  • Revenue Operations Manager / RevOps Manager - Oversees the revenue ops team and strategy. Develops and implements systems to improve revenue processes. Average salary: $135,000
  • Head of Revenue Operations / RevOps - Similar to a director role. Responsible for all revenue ops activities. Average salary: $145,000
  • Director of Revenue Operations / RevOps - Leads the revenue ops function. Managing the team and creating revenue strategy and processes. Average salary: $150,000
  • Chief Revenue Officer - Executive accountable for the entire revenue process. Develops and executes revenue strategy across all functions. Average salary: $300,000

Most requested qualities in RevOps and Revenue roles

This year, we analyzed over 100 live Revenue and Revenue Operations job listings to find out what makes a revenue superstar. Our research found these to be the most in-demand qualities:

#1 Collaborative (in 76% of job descriptions)
RevOps requires close cross-functional collaboration with sales, marketing, finance, and more. Being collaborative helps align everyone towards revenue goals.

#2 Communication skills (64% of job descriptions) 
Communication is critical to translate complex data into insights, rally stakeholders, and enable change. Revenue leaders must communicate effectively across teams and seniorities.

#3 Analytical (59% of job descriptions) 
Strong analytical skills are essential for understanding revenue data, finding optimization opportunities, and forcasting the impact of changes.

#4 Leadership (57% of job descriptions) 
Revenue leaders must be able to lead teams and projects, influence stakeholders, and drive adoption of revenue strategies.

#5 Strategic thinking (49% of job descriptions) 
The ability to see the big picture, set vision and strategy, and balance short and long-term goals is highly valued.

#6 Accuracy (39% of job descriptions) 
Revenue Ops is centered on data. Producing accurate, high-integrity analysis and reporting is paramount.

#7 Detail-oriented (34% of job descriptions) 
Excellence in revenue ops requires attention to detail, from individual pieces of data, through to process tracking, and what’s going on in customer conversations

#8 Dynamic (20% of job descriptions) 
The revenue landscape shifts quickly. Change, agility and learning fast on the fly helps revenue leaders adapt and maintain competitive positions.

#9 Presentation skills (13% of job descriptions) 
Conveying insights through impactful presentations and data visualizations helps RevOps engage stakeholders to drive change.

#10 Organized (11% of job descriptions)

Juggling many complex, fast-moving responsibilities requires strong organizational abilities. To be honest, we were surprised this wasn’t more highly ranked!


Most requested tools and skills in RevOps and Revenue roles

When you work with that much data, you need the right tools. So it’s no surprise Revenue Operations job descriptions request skills and knowledge of specific tools. Here are the top five most requested: 

#1 Salesforce (in 64% of job descriptions) 
No prizes for guessing this top spot - the CRM Salesforce is ubiquitous in Revenue Operations, used to manage the sales process and data.

#2 Excel (63% of job descriptions) 
Strong Excel skills are essential for modeling, analysis, reporting, and more using revenue data. It remains a key platform.

#3 HubSpot (38% of job descriptions) 
Many organizations use HubSpot sales and marketing software, particularly in smaller organizations and tech, so experience here is valued.

#4 Tableau (16% of job descriptions) 
Tableau data visualization software is popular for producing reports, dashboards and visual analytics - another must for RevOps.

#5 Google Sheets (15% of job descriptions) 
Google is a highly collaborative spreadsheet solution with many uses for analysis, tracking and reporting - a great tool for working cross-functionally.

The revenue operations field will continue evolving rapidly. Mastering in-demand skills around systems, data, communication and leadership is key for revenue professionals to deliver results and advance their careers. 

For those looking to enter or progress in the field, there is a bright outlook for those passionate about communication, data and driving efficiencies.

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