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How Conversation Intelligence Benefits Areas Across Your Business

  • Jul 11, 2022
  • 3 minutes

Customer conversations are a treasure trove of information and insights. Sadly, they become a distant memory if you aren’t recording them. Even then, recording your conversations isn’t enough. 

For such rich information to become valuable, it needs to be translated into units that are digestible and actionable (which is known as ‘mapping’). Enter conversation intelligence software - the tech that saves you from spending hours listening to entire calls to find specific moments that contain the details you're searching for.


What is conversation intelligence?

Conversation intelligence refers to recording customer conversations, transcribing them, and analyzing them based on categories and terms you specify. Then you can more easily leverage the information and insights for many different purposes across various parts of your business.

Let’s take a look at all the ways you can use this information as a competitive advantage.


The sales or revenue teams benefit significantly from conversation intelligence facilitating coaching, onboarding, and training among other things. The following are examples of the value conversation intelligence brings to the Sales department.


  • It takes notes so your reps stay focused on the conversations and never miss important details mentioned by prospects or customers.
  • Easily identify key coaching moments to spend more time coaching and less time planning what to coach. This leads to greater performance and better results.
  • Facilitates identifying best practices for management to share across the sales team or for onboarding purposes.
  • Enables the monitoring of sales conversations for consistency with the designated sales process so you can see who needs additional guidance, coaching, or training.
  • Helps identify individual and team training requirements.
  • Enables individual sales reps to monitor their own performance by listening to key moments in their sales calls. They can then request feedback on areas they are working on, get input on how they can improve, and find out how they could have responded when stumped by a customer question or objection. And they only need to share a brief snippet of a call instead of the entire recording.


The insights contained in call recordings combined with the data generated from their analysis are pure gold to Marketing. Some of the benefits they receive from conversation intelligence include:


  • Figuring out why deals are won or lost based on actual customer feedback during calls.
  • Improving marketing messaging and sales presentations by hearing prospect and customer reactions or responses.
  • Finding out what words prospects and customers use when describing your product so you can use the same language in marketing materials.
  • Improving SEO by learning what terms people use when searching for your product or service.
  • Building better prospect and buyer personas by discovering their actual needs, challenges, and day-to-day practices.
  • Keeping an eye on the competition so you always knowing who your top competitor(s) are as the market evolves.
  • Identifying content requirements based on questions customers are asking or challenges they are encountering with your offering so you can address them.

Product development

Call snippets, transcripts, and analytical data generated by conversation intelligence enable product developers to learn from the voice of the customer and accelerate buyer, prospect, and user research. The benefits they gain from this technology include:


  • Understanding the challenges and needs of prospects, buyers, and users so your product solves them.
  • Capturing customer quotes to share with the rest of the product development team to bring these requirements and sentiments to life.
  • Learning about product issues and improving on them more quickly.
  • Finding out what features are most requested and easily prioritizing the most popular one(s).

Customer success

Keep everyone on the same page by sharing key moments in the customer journey with those in your organization who “touch” the customer. This includes Sales, Customer Service, Customer Success, and Tech Support. These customer call snippets inform team members across your organization about:


  • What was previously discussed with the customer
  • What was promised
  • What their pain points were
  • What their expectations and goals are

This provides everyone with context for each customer and makes it possible to provide a better customer experience across multiple touchpoints from prospect to customer and beyond.

Plus, this intelligence can aid in improving customer experience when inconsistencies are identified along the customer’s journey.


In summary…

Conversation intelligence isn’t only for sales. It enables your entire organization to tap into all the valuable insights contained in customer conversations. Getting this close to the customer provides you with a powerful advantage over your competitors. You keep current with what your prospects, buyers, and customers need, want, and care about. This makes it easier to give customers what they really want, including an excellent and consistent customer experience.

Interested in leveraging the power of conversation intelligence across your business? Book a demo with a member of our team to see how Jiminny can help you gain deeper insights from your customer calls.

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