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Do This Before Buying Call Coaching Software

  • Jul 11, 2022
  • 2 minutes

At this point, you know the benefits of consistently coaching your sales reps include increasing the ROI of training, higher win rates, increased rep retention, and greater revenue growth. But reaping the rewards means consistently weaving coaching into your day-to-day routine and that can be challenging with so many other things on your plate already. Check out this article if you’re looking for ways to coach more consistently.

Call coaching software can be a great solution for this challenge, as long as your team actually uses all the features it offers. If you buy it and nobody uses this valuable tool, its implementation is a total waste of time and money. So, what do you need to do before buying call coaching software to ensure you experience its benefits?


Set your goal

Before implementing a new platform of any sort, it’s important to determine what outcomes you want as a result. Clearly defining your ultimate goal and short-range goals makes all the difference. They need to be specific, such as achieving an X percent increase in meetings scheduled or a percent increase in revenue. And don’t forget to attach a date to your goal since a goal without a deadline is only a wish. Once you achieve your goal, you can always set a new one for your team to work toward.


Get buy-in

It’s essential to get everyone on board before you make any changes, otherwise you risk failure by lack of participation and engagement. You don’t want to buy a tool that sits and accumulates digital dust, do you? Of course not! So, take the time to get buy-in from key individuals at all levels of your organization. This includes executives, managers, and influencers in all affected departments.

You won’t be able to get every person within your organization excited about this new platform, but inspiring enthusiasm in key people will be sufficient to help you gain momentum. Then others will become engaged in the process as well.


Share what’s in it for them

Most people want to know “what’s in it for me” when they’re being asked to change the way they do things, so it’s important to consider how each individual in your organization will benefit from implementing call coaching software.

For managers, it may be about making it easier to fit more coaching into their schedules consistently or being able to effortlessly identify coachable micro-moments.

Sales reps may find it exciting that they can ask for feedback on specific call snippets from other reps as well as their manager, or that you’re investing in helping them accelerate their skill development to advance their careers.

Marketing team members may enjoy the fact that they can easily listen to call replays to gain deeper insights about customers, their needs, and what they are saying about the competition.

Sales leadership may be drawn to the call analytics or simply the increased business growth and revenue due to greater sales team performance.

Regardless of the benefits that excite each individual in your business, telling what’s in it for them will inspire them to want to make the necessary changes so they reap their desired rewards once you start implementation.


Recognize successes

Keep everyone motivated by acknowledging successes, both large and small, once you invest in call coaching software. Recognize those actively making the effort to adopt new behaviors and leveraging the new tools available to them within the platform. This will make them feel like the effort is worthwhile and encourage them to continue. Just as coaching reinforces desired behaviors, recognizing successes is reinforcement for using the new call coaching software.


In summary…

Nobody likes change, so make sure that you identify your desired outcomes and share them with people at all levels within the business along with what’s in it for them. Getting them onboard will drive platform adoption and help you reach your goals. Then recognize successful outcomes resulting from the use of the call coaching software as positive reinforcement. This will encourage continued and increased use, making your implementation a huge success.

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