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Win more deals.
Because losing sucks.

This is Jiminny,  your conversation intelligence platform.

Capture & analyze your critical go-to-market insights with AI.
Conversation intelligence designed to be loved and used every day.

Your teams deserve more than call recording

Any time your team aren’t generating revenue, is time wasted. Get note-taking, call summaries, outcomes and action items off the to-do list. And logged to your CRM with conversation intelligence. Dreamy.

Win where you're losing and coach in the moment with conversation intelligence

Losing sales deals sucks. Understanding the reasons behind each loss makes all the difference, so your team can learn from every call. Use conversation intelligence to track performance, analyze deals, create sales coaching opportunities and accelerate your team’s success.

Don't just take our word for it...

11% revenue growth (month on month)

"It would have been infinitely more difficult to hit our revenue targets without Jiminny... performance would be lower"

- Connectd

62% reduction in customer churn rate

"Amazing, I didn't know it could be like this to have a product [and CSM] care so much about you as Jiminny and Giuliana "

- Lemon.io

15% higher win rates within one month

"Having visibility & access to what my team are doing is invaluable and has changed... how successful we are"

- Scoro

Gong didn’t chime and Chorus didn’t sing. 

It’s time for Jiminny.


Why Jiminny was built...

We started building the Jiminny conversation intelligence platform in 2016 with three founders, a ton of ideas and the drive to make a real difference to revenue teams. We now help hundreds of teams be the best version of themselves in 29+ countries around the world.

Find out more about Jiminny's story here.

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