6 Ways to Boost Sales Productivity and Business Growth (Month in Review)

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This month, we’ve been talking about ways for revenue teams to support revenue and business growth. These include sales coaching with conversation intelligence, better rep onboarding, and helping buyers gain clarity for confident purchasing decisions - all of which are effective ways for revenue leaders to improve sales team performance and customer experience. 

In addition to this month’s Jiminny blog content, we’ve carefully curated a few additional articles that we think deliver key related insights. Let’s take a closer look at six effective ways you can boost your team’s sales productivity for greater business growth.

Meet more sales and marketing targets

According to an industry survey, sales and marketing teams that invest in conversation intelligence are 15-22% more likely to meet sales and marketing targets. In our recent article, 3 Practical Sales Coaching Use Cases for Conversation Intelligence, you can learn three ways to leverage conversation intelligence to boost sales performance and productivity.

Improve rep ramp time for greater business growth

Organisations with stronger employee onboarding practices enjoy 82% greater employee retention and 70% better productivity. But there’s more to effective onboarding than speed. Check out our article, The True Impact Rep Ramp Times Have on Business Growth, to learn what you need to know about onboarding to ensure it positively impacts your business growth.

Help customers avoid Buyer’s remorse

A self-guided buyer’s journey with limited engagement from sales late in the process has left buyers overwhelmed by the vast amount of available content. Read our article, The Renaissance of the B2B Sales Engagement Earlier in the Buyer’s Journey, to find out how sales reps can prevent buyers from experiencing buyer’s remorse, and what the new role for salespeople is now that buyer behaviours are shifting again.

Create a team of sense makers

According to Gartner, a selling approach tailored to the customer’s need for help understanding all the content they gather during the buying journey can improve buyer decision-making quality by more than 10%. No wonder this practice, which Gartner calls sense making, prevents buyer’s remorse as noted above. You can learn more about sense making and necessary rep characteristics for successfully implementing this practice in the article, What CSOs Need to Know About Sense Making, A Gartner Q&A.

Focus on situational buyer insights

Sense making is more effective for increasing buyer decision-making quality and reducing buyer’s remorse when combined with what Gartner refers to as buyer situational awareness. This enables reps to more deeply understand and empathise with buyers. Read tips on how to deploy this strategy for greater sales outcomes in the article, B2B Sellers Should Focus on Situational Buyer Insights.

Simplify the buying process

Gartner experts found that redesigning customer understanding, customer engagement, and operating models can increase quota attainment by as much as 20%. This refers to sense making and situational buyer insights. In their recent press release they provide three critical tactics you can use to reduce purchase complexity and increase customer confidence. Read all about it in the press release titled, Gartner Says Adaptable Sales Organisations Must Rethink Their Customer Understanding, Engagement and Operating Models.


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