How FaultFixers use Jiminny to build a coaching culture


As the rest of the world moves towards digital solutions, FaultFixers is leading the way in maintenance, by bringing it online and mobile. They digitise your facility and property management tasks & processes, provide total oversight of your teams and operations, all whilst saving you money and making you more productive. FaultFixers is maintenance software, made easy.


As the company grows and looks to scale, visibility is key. Watch the video as Jack, Chief Revenue Officer at FaultFixers, explains how his team are moving away from guesswork and towards a data-driven approach to coaching and monitoring performance using Jiminny. After looking at a number of solutions to solve his problems, Jack was "sold on Jiminny from the start" and we've been happy to help Jack and the FaultFixers team in growing a coaching culture and empowering his reps to be the best version of themselves.


Adds invaluable coaching support to team meetings


Increased 1-2-1 skills coaching between sales and management


Introduced self-coaching ability for reps


Assists leadership in building a culture of self-development

Why FaultFixers loves Jiminny


"As a lead, I'm super happy that my team are taking on that responsibility to coach themselves"

Chief Revenue Officer

Watch the interview below


The Challenge

Jack Coles, CRO at FaultFixers, came to Jiminny with a number of problems he was looking to solve. Firstly, he was facing the problem of scaling his sales team in the middle of a pandemic. He needed a tool that made it seamless to onboard and ramp up his SDRs remotely, getting them up to speed and sales-ready as quickly as possible.


Secondly, FaultFixers needed visibility over their team's performance while working from home. With working closely together in an office no longer an option, Jack was eager to ensure he was able to help coach his team in the right areas and monitor the progress of deals.


Lastly, as most sales leaders know, coaching is tough. As the only senior sales leader in the company, Jack wanted to create a culture of coaching where reps can request feedback on particular calls and for Jack to be able to see data on his team's performance to spot coaching opportunities himself. Jack turned to Jiminny to help address these core issues within his business.

The Outcome

By using Jiminny, FaultFixers were able to scale their sales team with ease. Jiminny provides a platform for Jack to not only coach remotely, but to help encourage self-coaching within the organization.


As Jack says, Jiminny is facilitating a coaching environment within his sales team by providing a platform for reps to be able to share calls and ask for feedback, and helps remove guesswork and assumptions for senior leadership, enabling Jack to monitor key areas and improve performance across the board.


With any sales tool, adoption is key. Jiminny goes "above and beyond" in the onboarding process to ensure reps know how to best utilize Jiminny and our rep-first approach has made it easy for the FaultFixers sales reps to adopt. Jiminny improves the efficiency of reps asking for feedback and has fostered the FaultFixers culture of continuously improving and helping.