Sidekick for Inbound Calls is Here!


I know it’s hard to believe, but Sidekick just got a little bit better.


As of this week, you can now enable Sidekick to appear when receiving customer calls and make full use of the notes feature and CRM fields you would usually take advantage of when making outbound calls. Pretty cool, right?


If you don’t already know, Sidekick is the Chrome extension that’s every sales rep’s best friend: make and receive calls, take time-stamped notes and automatically log important contact and deal stage information straight into your CRM. Sidekick saves you time, administrative efforts and shoulders the responsibility for keeping your CRM’s contact activity data clean and up-to-date.


Learn more about Sidekick here.


So what's new?

Like before, Sidekick will record and save your inbound calls to Jiminny and log new activity to the contact’s record in your CRM.


What’s new is that Sidekick can now pop up at the start, end or start and end of any calls you receive, allowing you to take notes and customise any call activity data before it makes its way into your CRM.


In short, it means being able to see and edit any CRM-bound data, and take time-stamped notes on recorded inbound calls. Simple, quick, effective.


How do I turn on this feature?

Easy - just head to the Settings menu in Jiminny, click on ‘Sidekick’ and choose at what point during inbound calls you want Sidekick to appear.


If you have questions, as always, we’d be more than happy to help - just reach out!


Ready to try Jiminny?

We’re ready when you are! To get a better understanding of what Jiminny brings to the table for you and your sales team, book a demo with a member of our team here.

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