New Feature Alert: Coaching Frameworks is Live!

coaching frameworks

Our latest feature, Coaching Frameworks, is designed to simplify and create consistency in all forms of coaching - whether it’s manager coaching, peer-to-peer coaching or self-coaching. 

For those already familiar with Jiminny, Coaching Frameworks are the new and improved Coaching Scorecards that will introduce additional reporting options, greater performance visibility and increased skill development opportunities.


Why use Coaching Frameworks?

Coaching Frameworks are essential for developing a growth mindset and culture. They’re designed to help create consistency in how teams give feedback to each other and to help embed what good looks like across the team. Coaching Frameworks make using Jiminny, giving feedback, and self-coaching as powerful as possible.

Building consistency in coaching increases coaching effectiveness and accelerates performance improvement. Without proper frameworks in place, the path to excellence is foggy and development is slower. With Coaching Frameworks, clear expectations are created, giving reps clarity on how and where to improve and ultimately improving team results.


The numerous benefits of using Coaching Frameworks

Coaching Frameworks are the foundation for creating consistency across your sales and CS teams. The benefits of leveraging this new feature include:


Focusing on performance instead of outcomes, so that how a person delivers a specific call (in terms of qualities like soft skills, messaging, and positioning) are evaluated.

Defines clear performance expectations

Supports a coaching culture, empowering everyone on the team to easily self-coach or to coach anyone else. It’s a useful guidance tool for anyone with a coaching mindset to employ.

Encourages individuality. Instead of just copying best practice examples, reps develop a detailed understanding of why something qualifies as best practice. A more in-depth understanding allows them to perform exemplary behaviors in a manner that isn’t scripted or forced, but is instead organic, skillful and full of personality.

Facilitates positive reinforcement. Coaching Frameworks not only provide coaches with a clear structure that makes feedback for improvement consistent, it also promotes giving praise where star ratings are high and acts as a reminder to reinforce desired behaviors.

Easy identification of areas requiring improvement. Dividing feedback into clearly-defined categories makes ongoing coaching easy as your team grows familiar with the criteria and develop their skills alongside it.


How it works

Coaching Frameworks help create a consistent structure for feedback on calls and help embed a framework of what’s important.

Start by defining what you’re looking for in a great call or sales/CS activity.

Then delineate criteria for evaluating the performance of each element you’re looking for in a great call. These criteria clearly communicate expectations for each step in the sales playbook.

When someone coaches an activity, they provide both qualitative and quantitative feedback on each Framework section in the form of written comments and a star rating. The star ratings are then averaged and fed into key metrics for that activity type, rep, and the team as a whole.

Depending on your settings, an email and/or Slack notification are also automatically sent to the rep being evaluated when someone rates them using a Coaching Framework.


How to find it in Jiminny

To locate Coaching Frameworks within Jiminny, navigate to Settings > Organization > Manage > Playbooks.

Select the relevant Playbook and choose the desired Activity Type.

Then select ‘Add Framework Section’

This is where you add a Framework section or edit an existing record. Add criteria within each section to provide details around what “good” looks like.


If you have questions or need help getting started using this new feature, we’re happy to help - just reach out!

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