New Feature Alert: Call Summary


Our new feature, Call Summary, is unique to Jiminny. It makes it easy for all team members to get up to speed on customer conversations in a matter of minutes.

Instead of needing to listen to entire call recordings or read full transcripts, the Call Summary feature provides a synopsis of key conversation points generated through clever AI. The summary highlights key discussion points, commitments made, and relevant insights.


Our Call Summary feature saves time and facilitates communication for a consistently excellent customer experience and stronger customer relationships.

Some of the beneficial uses of the Call Summary feature include:

  • Helping sales leaders and team members keep current on deal discussions with a minimal time investment when preparing for customer calls, or to understand what transpired on a recent call.
  • Enabling reps and leadership to see how the customer relationship is being managed.
  • Identifying coaching opportunities for continuous improvement.
  • Facilitating smooth and rapid handoffs between sales and customer success without reviewing hours of recordings or lengthy transcripts to get up to speed on customer insights and preferences.
  • Allowing reps to easily jump in to cover for other reps when they’re on holiday.
  • Making it easy for reps to quickly get up to date and pick up where another rep left off when someone leaves the company. This ensures a consistent customer experience without the customer needing to re-educate their new rep.
  • Enabling finance, IT, onboarding teams, or other specialists to know what has been discussed and what the customer said previously without asking the customer or team members for details.

How it works

The artificial intelligence (AI) in Jiminny not only records and transcribes all calls, but it also automatically creates a call summary for any call at least one minute long. There’s no set up required.

When viewing a call summary, an individual can adjust the length and detail by adjusting the slider above the summary from Shortest to Longest depending on the need.

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