The next phase of Deal Insights is here!

deal insights

We’re excited to introduce you to the latest upgrades to one of Jiminny's most loved and lucrative features. Here’s what’s new with Deal Insights.


More Data, More Customisation

We’ve introduced five new columns to the Deal Insights dashboard view, which are:

  • Amount (the value of the account)
  • Close Date (the predicted date of deal closure)
  • Stage (the account’s current stage in the sales cycle)
  • Next Step (the next action defined for this account) 
  • Forecast Category (the likeliness of that deal moving to closed won)

Each of the new data columns also feature a sort option, allowing users to quickly find and group accounts by sorting in ascending or descending order.

What’s more is that Jiminny users that are also the deal owner in their connected CRM can now edit and update this data in the Jiminny platform and the changes will be reflected in your connected CRM! Thanks to our 2-way integration with most of our CRM partners, you can now review the health of your sales pipeline quickly and accurately in Jiminny and make changes/updates that will also update in your CRM without having to leave the platform.

See Upsells vs. New Business

We lied, there aren’t actually five new columns - there are six! 🎉

With the ‘New/Existing Business’ column, you can now separate upsells from new accounts and quickly spot how your pipeline is attributed between your Sales and CS teams.


Meet Your New Best Friend: Deal Risk Alerts

Last but certainly not least, Jiminny managers, admins and owners (learn more about user roles in Jiminny here) can create and configure customized deal risks that trigger Jiminny to notify the account owner when a new deal risk has been detected.

Set-up deal risks that flag when a competitor was mentioned on a call, a deal’s value has decreased, a close date has passed and many more!

For accounts with deal risks associated with them, the ‘Deal Risk’ column will feature a yellow warning triangle accompanied by a number, which indicates the number of deal risks Jiminny has detected according to your custom settings. By hovering over this icon, you’ll be able to see what those deal risks are and delete them if they’ve been addressed or resolved.



Coming Soon: Forecasting Module for Deal Insights

With our new forecasting module, Jiminny will automatically calculate your sales forecast on a per-rep or per-team basis.

Our smart CRM sync reads the probability of a deal closing and calculates this in real-time so that your team can see where they’re actually going to land before deals are won or lost.

Using Jiminny will mean that you no longer need to rely on static numbers stored in spreadsheets and your CRM to measure your pipeline health, and can instead see a highly accurate forecasted total for your current open deals at any given moment. 

Ready to try Jiminny?

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