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Why do deals slip through the pipeline or not convert and what can we do about it? I always felt this was a huge blind spot when running and growing sales teams. We might have a CRM that tells us that deals weren’t being won, why? And what could we do about it? My answer was to create a platform that enables your team to understand the key reasons and data points through conversational intelligence, And here's how it works...


What is Jiminny Sidekick?

The Jiminny Sidekick integrates with your tech stack to record, transcribe and analyze all your meetings. Sales call tracking enables a business to get the best visibility of performance to collaborate and coach. We are always looking at ways we can support the rep in real-time through live sales coaching and analysis.

Overview of Features


  • Jiminny Sidekick can record and analyze your meetings and calls, including audio transcription
  • Softphone built into your workflow: Outbound, Inbound and SMS
  • Full automation and logging to your CRM
  • Live coaching through Chat and Whisper
  • Integrations with Slack for collaboration and sharing
  • One click meeting scheduler through your calendar
  • Note: you’ll need to be a Jiminny user to use this tool

How does it work?

Sidekick runs through a Google Chrome extension and pops up at the start and end of your meetings. It pre-populates information about the customer to make logging activity super-easy, by:


  • Taking time-stamped notes on top of the video and audio transcription throughout your meeting. These notes are automatically logged to your CRM and into Jiminny for easy reference.
  • Sharing the call to other integrations such as Slack while running and working as a live result.

Who should use Jiminny Sidekick and why?

Sales Leaders ❤️for getting better data to the CRM, not being reliant on their sales reps’ notes, and highlighting opportunities for sales performance coaching

Sales Reps ❤️for listening back on their own calls and improving their conversation rates. They love the time they save on note taking and admin in their normal working day. SideKick gives them more time to spend on sales!

CEOs / Owners / Investors / Directors ❤️for a better source of truth to see what's really going on, and to make plans and decisions.


We announced Jiminny Sidekick near the start of summer 2020, and have already had some awesome feedback from our customers. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

User reviews

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